Teen Drug Abuse: Sleep, Anxiety Meds 12 Times More Likely To Be Abused By Those With Prescriptions

Teen Teen Drug Abuse: Sleep, Anxiety Meds 12 Times More Likely To Be Abused By Those With Prescriptions:

"Prescription and over-the-counter medications are a significant problem for teens. Twelve- to 17-year-olds abuse prescription drugs more than ecstasy, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines combined — they're the most commonly abused drugs after marijuana. "

Times are changing, and so are the ways teens get high.  Prescription pills are being abused at unprecedented rates. Teens that are prescribed drugs by doctors are 12 times more likely to abuse prescription medicines than their prescription-free counterparts.


The BookStand: Walk Softly and Carry a Big Book | In Recovery Magazine

Look at this shout out for "Walk Softly and Carry a Big Book".

The BookStand: Walk Softly and Carry a Big Book | In Recovery Magazine: " the best one-liners from talks, all the classic slogans, prayers used in the fellowships including the history of the Serenity Prayer, acronyms and all the great sayings passed down from the old-timers. WalkSoftlyandCarryaBigBook.com"

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Kids With Family History Of Substance Abuse Have Brains That Must Work Harder To Fight Impulses

I've long known that impulse control figured in heavily for us alcoholics and we know that addiction is hereditary (there are other ways to "get" it too), but never thought that children of alcoholics would have a harder time with impulse control. Makes sense though. REad about it from the Medical Daily.

Kids With Family History Of Substance Abuse Have Brains That Must Work Harder To Fight Impulses: " One in five kids grows up with an alcohol relative, according to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry . These kids are four times more likely to become alcoholics. However, a new study  suggests it’s not entirely because of the environment they’re in, but instead because their brains are predisposed to improper development."

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Holly: One face of the national heroin crisis | News |

Holly: One face of the national heroin crisis | News | witf.org:

"Now she’s serious and listens carefully, and she talks freely about her addiction, as if recounting how much she’s changed helps her get through each day. She’s going to meetings, seeing her son in therapy, playing with her daughter, cooking supper for the family."

Although the details of Holly's plight may be unique, there is a pattern that a great number of addicts can relate to.  As an adolescent, Holly drank alcohol in awkward social situations simply to "loosen up."  In her 20s, she dabbled with cocaine but strictly on the weekends and was still able show up for work on time on Monday morning and still had her rent money ready on the first of every month.  Then Holly began to crush and snort prescription pain pills socially with friends while still believing she was in control.  After finding the pain pills too expensive, she sought out heroin, though initially, only recreationally on payday.  Before she knew it, life was unmanageable.  Bills were no longer being payed as every last dime went towards supporting her addiction and her only concern was where her next fix was going to come from in order to avoid the merciless pains of withdrawal.

If you can identify with this sequence of events, you should know that you are not alone and that refuge is available at your local NA or AA chapter where fellow addicts are eager to lend you their support on your recovery journey.


North Carolina parents shocked to learn children are abusing over-the-counter drug

Parents are shocked that kids are finding creative ways to get high?  Parents were kids once too and need to be aware of the newest trends and tactics that are popular among today's youth.

North Carolina parents shocked to learn children are abusing over-the-counter drug | abc13.com: "One Triangle dad noticed his son's behavior change and feared he was on something. But when a drug test came back negative, he kept looking for answers.

"I went like a tornado in his room and found about three bottles of the Robitussin, about two or three boxes of that cold and cough medicine," he said. "I was infuriated as a parent.""

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Cough sryup making a comeback

Unfortunately drugs are cyclic--a generation uses them, then they tire of it and parents take a stance against it and then the next drug revolves around--it goes from speed, to heroin, to party drugs, to prescription drugs, to glue, and then cycles around again. This is something we need to stay on top of, but not be shocked by. kids will always find ways to do drugs--and hopefully we will find out and take action before it kills them...

I-Team Troubleshooter: North Carolina parents shocked to learn children are abusing over-the-counter drug | abc11.com: "In addition to Skittles or Triple-C, teenagers are calling the drug Tussin, Robotripping, and Dex. But essentially, it is simply over-the-counter cough syrup, often mixed with soda or other drugs such as marijuana.

Abusers are after the active ingredient in regular over-the-counter cough syrup, dextromethorphan, or DXM.

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Officials, parents, former N.Y. Giant address drug epidemic at Pinelands Regional forum

I know we need to share with each other about what drugs do to kinds--I ran across this story this morning--Christopher not waking up... I am so grateful that did not happen to me as a mother. Trisha---my heart goes out to you, and I want to thank you for sharing with the other parents.

Officials, parents, former N.Y. Giant address drug epidemic at Pinelands Regional forum | NJ.com: "LITTLE EGG HARBOR – Trisha Horner told a packed auditorium inside Pinelands Regional High School on Wednesday night about how much she loved her son Christopher and what a great child he was."

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Make Sure Halloween Candy Doesn’t Contain Marijuana

Geeze, as if we don't ahve enough to worry about--now we have to look for Maryjane in th candy!!!!

Denver Police to Parents: Make Sure Halloween Candy Doesn’t Contain Marijuana - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: "Marijuana edible products can mimic candy such as Sour Patch Kids, Jolly Ranchers and gummy bears, the video cautions parents. Patrick Johnson, the owner of Urban Dispensary, says, “There’s really no way to tell the difference. It’s best just to toss that stuff into the trash.”"

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Your Face as a Long-term Alcoholic or in the Press, your face on Meth

I like this online tool. Good for "rehabs.com"   Get your son or daughter (or self) and upload a pic. Then see what taking drugs does to you!

Thanks to New York Daily news for photo.

Click here to begin the process.
Your Face as a Long-term Alcoholic: "Alcohol maintains a near ubiquitous presence in the daily lives of many of us—it is easily purchased at restaurants and convenience stores, present in many celebratory and spiritual ceremonies and, of course, heavily featured in movies and television. Perhaps as a result, alcoholism and the damaging effects of alcohol abuse are frequently downplayed or overlooked altogether."
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I would love to see Doctors as Spiritual Leaders

This was illustrated by artisit Christine Sundly.
The Three fold disease mentioned is addiciton/alcoholism
Edgar Cayce says in the future, our sicentists will be very spiritual and help lead the world governments.

Day By Day: Hazelden, Denver Young People's Group

Look what I found on Amazon! Some of the original Day By Days (hardback) are for sale--and not too expensive--this is the 40th year since Day By Day was published and has sold over 2 and a half million! check it out. (back then the book was only $2.99--but it is still under $10!)

Day By Day (ISBN: 0894860062 - Daily AA Meditations Pocket-Book): Hazelden, Denver Young People's Group: Amazon.com: Books:

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Parents Teaching Teens “Responsible Drinking” is a Myth:

I remember when we were growing up, there were often chaperoned parties where parents allowed kids to drink "under their supervision."  Fathers used to "teach" their sons to "drink like a man." They thought they were doing the right thing. Parents said things like, "Well if they are going to do it anyway, they should do it in front of me so I can help guide them."

Yet we have learned a lot since that time. Although you may be able to teach a person how to have manners when they drink, or you can teach them the difference between abuse and normal use--and that will work somewhat after they get past their bulletproof adolescence. But we should always remember that we can't teach them out of a disease. If they have it, they have it. Here is what Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has to say on the topic:

Parents Teaching Teens “Responsible Drinking” is a Myth: Study - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: "Parents who provide their teens with alcohol and a place to consume it may think they are teaching their children “responsible drinking.” A new review of studies concludes this view is misguided. Researchers found parental provision of alcohol is associated with increased teen alcohol use."

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Portland substance abuse panel takes public health approach

I received one of these block grants years ago--well several to teach high risk kids how to use the Interenet to help address durg issues--they learned a skill and at the smae time had to research drug abuse to put up ont eh site--it was a back door way to give them information.

I think it was a good way to help them gain information--did it work? We did n't follow it. I always worry about Federal grants when we are broke as a nation..and wonder if they do much but put a few peole to work. Sigh...what I am saying is that maybe it is a local and state issue andnot a Federal issue--the Feds can't take care of what they are charged with now--boarder issues, CDC, budgets???? So why give them more responsiblity--we need to step up to the plate as communities funding ourselves! End rant--now read what they are doing--probably good work, will we see a follow up? Is it effctive? I wonder....

Portland substance abuse panel takes public health approach | The Forecaster: "“We need to deal with people who have addictive disorders," said Botticelli, himself a recovering addict who has been sober 25 years. "We need to be efficient, but also humane in how we respond to those issues.”"

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The pros and cons of taking a pill that prevents you from drinking too much

So what is a "MILD" alcoholic? Hmmmm, only taking One drink?

The pros and cons of taking a pill that prevents you from drinking too much | Express Comment | Comment | Daily Express: "Let’s be very clear, the new pill does not stop you drinking nor does it prevent you from drinking if you really want to. Instead it makes it a lot easier to say no and walk away after you’ve had one or two. This is the crucial point where having a drink changes from a problem- free tipple into a threat to your health. "

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Drug use can be hidden in plain sight, parents told

Yep--we're rasing really really clever kids..so we must stay ontop of it. Is nayone surprised? You always thought your kid was the birghtest!

Drug use can be hidden in plain sight, parents told - Alliance Review | Stark, Portage & Mahoning, OH: " "Hidden in Plain Sight" that was complete with an exhibit showing all the new equipment on the market now that teens can use to "dupe" their parents and other caregivers. Everything from fake lipstick tubes that are actually pipes used to smoke "dope" to fake Dasani water bottles that unscrew to get to a secret compartment were covered."

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Bill defining drug addiction as a mental illness

This makes me sigh  and wonder...I don't really like this because to stop the illness one just has to stop using the chemicals..technically addiction (includes alcoholism) is a brain chemistry problem/ Most mental illness is just that, whacked out brain chemistry. But, this one is so easy to fix (easy in the sense of what to do, not easy to get the the afflicted to do it) and that is to stop using! I have mixed feelings although technically it is a mental illness. Read about it here--more and more states will in fact do this. and it might go federal.

Bill defining drug addiction as a mental illness passes N.J. Assembly committee | NJ.com: "People could be ordered by courts to participate in outpatient treatment if their drug addiction puts their lives or the lives of others in danger, under a bill approved by a state Assembly panel Thursday."

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Youngsters 'addicted to mobile phones' |

Hmmm..I remember when I was a kid--parents sent ballistic when we "hogged" the landline every day after school! Shouldn't we be grateful they have can "hog" the lines anymore? He he

But I say if they are addicted to that little black box--then put some good apps onit, like our Pocket Sponsor App for instance. http://www.pocketsponsor.com/app.html

Youngsters 'addicted to mobile phones' | Mail Online: "The addiction of children to their mobile phones could threaten the very fabric of society, a study suggests.

Many teenagers are fanatical about being always available and are extremely uneasy if unable to contact their friends countless times each day."

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New program keeps children with parents fighting addiction

I have mixed feelings about this. I used to tell mothers to let their mom or sister or husband worry about the kids and they need to worry about recovery. Getting clean and sober is hard enough without having to change diapers. Sigh. On the other hand, worry about our kids doesn't help either. Its a tough one but i still think it takes everything you have to make it and little rug rats only divert us from ourmission--get well....

New program keeps children with parents fighting addiction - www.kmtv.com: ""Parents suffering from an addiction often times can't or won't get the help they need because it requires being separated from their spouse and children," Heartland Family Service said."

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Alcoholics Anonymous: Let’s drop the stigma -

Its such a shame that some people attack what works. Honestly I love AA--it is the best most open organization and it has saved so many people. When others just have to bash it (usually those who can't stay sober or are threatened in some way (say a husband doesn't want his wife sober because she might leave him) --they will say AA does more harm than good. Well, believe me--drunks and drunken mothers and fathers do a lot more harm than a group of people trying help each other ever did!

Gosh, lets celebrate the organization that has saved so many.

Alcoholics Anonymous: Let’s drop the stigma - Daily Courier: Life: "Alcoholics Anonymous just celebrated 79 years of bringing drowning alcoholics back to shore. Not only is AA a safe shore, but it’s a place where the most broken spirits may be revived, and even more so, they may begin to thrive unlike any time in their life before."

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Legal Marijuana for Parents, but Not Their Kids -

OK Mom and Dad--what do we do with this one?

Legal Marijuana for Parents, but Not Their Kids - NYTimes.com: "These are confusing times for middle and high school students, who for most of their young lives have been lectured about the perils of substance abuse, particularly marijuana. Now it seems that the adults in their lives have done an about-face.

Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado and in Washington, and many other states have approved it for medical use. Lawmakers, the news media and even parents are debating the merits of full-scale legalization."

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9 Questions You Should Ask About the Drug "Molly"

I never heard of "Molly"--but if I had heard of it when I was 15 to 21, I would have wanted to try it. Why? Because it promises danger, excitement, something different to experiment with. And of course I wouldn't be one of the unlucky ones to die, I was bulletproof....they say "Molly" a slang term for ecstasy is purer--and safer. Drugs aren't safe and when they get popular, they are MORE likely to be cut with junk--stuff that will hurt and kill kids. And you--read about Molly here:

9 Questions You Should Ask About the Drug "Molly" | NBC4 Washington: "Just a week ago, two young men -- a 17-year-old and a college student -- died after attending a music festival in Columbia, Maryland. As friends and families grieved, authorities said the two may have overdosed on a drug called "Molly"

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Do not handicap your children

Again and  again we try to reach parents...

Photos by Joyce Harlow on face book.

Drugs no longer cool: teens are internet addicts while their parents snort cocaine - Telegraph

I wonder if we are taking better care of our children as this article implies--helicopter parents and all. My brother, Dr Marshall would probably say yes--I am not sure, but it is worth considering. I don't think parents did so badly in the past--drugs and alcohol are part of the human condition. But when they capture our kids..and hold on tight. well, if we can do anything, good. I say that controlling who their peers are is the biggest influence--yet making them harder to get and upping the legal age to drink to 21...maybe in the long run they have contributed. But then heroin is epidemic among teens. So who knows? This is an article worth reading.

Why drugs are no longer cool: teenagers are internet addicts while their parents snort cocaine - Telegraph: "There’s no doubt this is partly due to the increased difficulty in getting hold of illegal substances - drink and drugs are more expensive, and pubs and bars are more strict about asking for ID. Another theory argues that we’re getting better at caring for children, which reduces levels of excessive drinking."

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More Teen Athletes Abusing Prescription Painkillers,

This is a fact that is very hard for parents--kids in sports are likely to be into drugs too! When I mention this at workshops and in articles, people freak out because its well known how healthy it is to be in sports.... yet, study after study finds that kids in sports abuse drugs like steroids and pain killers. in Addition, young men who play football are more likely to abuse alcohol. Its hard to tell a parent that sport is a high risk choice--doesn't mean you don't let you kids play sports. But it does mean that when they do, you pay attention and talk to them--about why athlete abuse drugs. And you tell them  what you expect from them! This is covered in "Sober Coaching Your Teen."  Read about the new study--which is old news that many don't want to face.

More Teen Athletes Abusing Prescription Painkillers, Study Finds | Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: "A growing number of teen athletes are abusing prescription painkillers, according to a new study. Football players are more likely than other athletes to abuse prescription painkillers, HealthDay reports."

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Addiction Today: ‘Legal’ highs – what you need to know

As if trying to keep our kids of illegal drugs is not enough, now we have to worry about "legal" highs and peole who tout them as safe. When I was a hippie, I remember learning about banana peels and how people said we could dry them and roll them and get high on the smoke--not so much. But then they talked about the spices--like allspice--that was more dangerous--destroying the lungs. Geese--now you parents have businesses and head shops advertising these things,,, read below:

Addiction Today: ‘Legal’ highs – what you need to know: "Over the last 10 years, novel psychoactive substances – NPSs or ‘legal highs’ - have become increasingly available to those looking to abuse them in the UK.  Not only are they advertised and sold widely on the internet and head shops but they are also sold as “safe” and “legal” alternatives to illicit drugs. In reality, they can be just as harmful and addictive as illegal drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy or ketamine. Information on their effects is minimal or inaccurate.  "

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Biases against AA? | Jean-Paul Bedard

Deciphering Addiction | Jean-Paul Bedard: "Whatever bias you have against 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, they are incredibly effective for many suffering addicts. They can help establish routine and accountability in an addict's life. More importantly, recovery meetings give addicts like me the "rewards" we were seeking in the drugs and alcohol. It's a safe place to make connections with others, and through sharing our struggles and fears with other addicts, we are given a cathartic release that quiets our restless mind."

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Mississippi Welfare Reform Links Parent Drug Test to Child Benefits -

If I say I agree--people will call me heartless. But when parents do drugs, kids are not taken care of anyway...I know I've been there.

Mississippi Welfare Reform Links Parent Drug Test to Child Benefits - Businessweek: "Progressive groups have taken particular issue with a proposed regulation, drafted by the Mississippi Department of Human Services as part of putting HB 49 into effect, that would cut off benefits for children if a parent refused a drug test or failed one after completing a treatment program. The critics contend that such a provision contradicts state law by punishing the families of drug users and should be scrapped. "

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Behaving our way into Better Feelings

We are responsible for what we do. So why do we so often give young adults a pass?

I did things like that too when I was young.
Kids will be kids.
They are sowing their oats.
They come from a broken home.
There is no father in the home.
If you came from the neighborhood, what would you do?
Racism contributed to his problem.

How many excuses can you think of the let kids do things they should not? Do you think it helps them or hurts them to excuse inexcusable behavior?

21: Science's limit when it comes to the drinking age

The law of unintended consequences. When Ronald Reagan signed the law that raised the drinking age to 21 he wanted to address a health concern, mainly drunk driving for underage drivers. And the law did help. Fatal crashes involved underage drinkers dropped from 61% in 1982 to only 33% in 1991. But once they made alcohol the forbidden fruit, drinking underage actually increased!

Why? Because kids want what they can't have..they test, they experiment. It is natural and a part of maturing. Read the study. Remember, when you "forbid" something--it makes it all the more intriguing. This same principle apply to the kids you have at home. Be very careful when you "forbid" your kids from doing something and rethink how you present rules. This doesn't mean you don't take stands and tell them how you feel and what your limits are...but consider it carefully understanding how your kids develop.Read this article--it can help give you ideas.

21: Science's limit when it comes to the drinking age - CNN.com: "But while the law did have a significant impact on drinking and driving, it did not stop kids from drinking. In fact, it may have made drinking even more appealing to teens, whose brains naturally seek out risk more than adult brains do -- without considering what the consequences might be.
A survey of students at 56 colleges across the country just a couple years after the legislation passed found that "significantly more under-age students drank compared to those of legal age." This study concluded that "the increase in purchase age appears to have been not only ineffective but actually counter-productive, at least in the short run.""

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Health News - Who will binge-drink at age 16?

Yikes--one aspect of this study surprised me. that was even drinking 2 before 1 could predict binge drinking by 16! I'd like to see some follow up studies--it would be really helpful if such a predictor were true.

Health News - Who will binge-drink at age 16? European teen study pinpoints predictors: "Surprisingly, when developing their model to predict teenage binge-drinking, the scientists found that even 1-2 instances of alcohol consumption by age 14 was sufficient to predict if the teenagers would binge-drink at age 16. Previous research has suggested that the odds of adult alcohol dependence "

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SAFE Helps Parents Combat Kids’ Drug Use

It looks like these people are giving out good information. I am often very critical of programs designed to "help" and what they really do is blame parents, take responsibility away from the kids, or inadvertently glamorize drug use. But this program seems down to earth and practical--

SAFE Helps Parents Combat Kids’ Drug Use: "Some parents believe it is okay to have a party in their home because then “they know where their children are,” Ortiz said. “That attitude is not okay.”
Ortiz said that currently the major concern for Glen Cove Police is the sale of medication by children, which they take from their relatives and then sell in school. “Even kids that are prescribed medication are selling their own medication,” he said. “We are working hard to stop this in Glen Cove.”"

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When parents chase drugs, kids are left on their own |

We usually talk about the effect of kids taking drugs on parents--lets not forget its a two way street.

When parents chase drugs, kids are left on their own | The Columbus Dispatch: "Karen Ezirim promised her five young children she would be gone only a few hours when she left them with a family member.

But her best friends — alcohol, crack cocaine and pain pills — persuaded her to stay longer.

When she returned home days later, Ezirim’s children were gone, taken by Franklin County Children Service"

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Getting kids off drugs or encouraging them to use them?

I was researching a book today and ran across a website (drugfreeworld.org)--and some really well done flip books and videos on why not to do drugs. They were designed for kids directly.

I have a real problem with this slick design and well done "warning" about the horrors of drugs. What this slick and hip flip book does is glamorize the world of drugs. With the fabulous photography and campy presentation, this publication does not deter anyone--it made me want to try Ecstasy! They use phrases like "Dancing with Death. There is a story bout Nikki  at the party and how she felt nothing--then never woke up...Come on. A picture of a skull with light glowing from the eyeballs is particularly intriguing. One guy thinks he's an orange and asks others not to "peel" him.

I'm sorry, but I know kids--hey I was one. This form of "warning" is really very appealing to the very ones it is supposed to deter.

Parents and professionals--this is a suggestion--do not use this glittery, dazzling, and glamorous presentation to deter young people against drug use. It will backfire. I can see that the creators of this site either hired or are very good at promotion. But they suck at deterring kids from wanting to do drugs.

Go to Drugfreeworld.org and review it. See what you think. after look at the Ecstasy presentation--look at the others like for prescription drugs. What is your gut reaction?
The Truth About Ecstasy: "Published by Official Foundation for a Drug-Free World
Ecstasy is extremely dangerous. So widespread has been the harm of this “designer drug,” that emergency room incidents have skyrocketed more than 1,200% since it became the “club drug” of choice at all-night “rave” parties and dance clubs. "

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23 Sobering Alcoholics Anonymous Statistics |

Since its foundation in the year 1930, AA or Alcoholic Anonymous has actually become synonymous to recovery. Through the years, their twelve step process is being applied to a wide array of issues from overeating (Over eaters Anonymous), excessive gaming (online gamers anonymous) to Drug problems (Narcotics Anonymous).

Read these statistics--you'll be surprised!

23 Sobering Alcoholics Anonymous Statistics | interventionstrategies.com:

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Testing kids and teens for drug abuse: What do I need to know?

You're going to want to read this if you test your kids for drugs--or even if you don't believe in it--read this article.

Testing kids and teens for drug abuse: What do I need to know?:

excerpt: The report gives a lot of clear and sensible advice (such as check the temperature of the urine sample immediately and if it is not between 95 and 100 degrees, it is not fresh urine – someone is trying to trick the tester), but the most important statement is in the parents’ guide: “If your teen undergoes a drug test, it should be knowingly. The AAP opposes drug tests without a teen’s knowledge and consent. “

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/healthy_kids/Testing-kids-and-teens-for-drug-abuse-What-do-I-need-to-know.html#Du83BfpEAg8HYSKZ.99

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Sitting in Pictures

Picture recovery reflection of the day.

Excerpted from "Sitting in Pictures, Vision Meditations for Addiction Recovery"

Illustrations by Christine Sundly

Sitting in Pictures:

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Here’s proof that Alcoholics Anonymous is just as effective as professional psychotherapies

Very important to keep this mind--AA just plain works! Not for everyone, not all the time--but works as well or better than other professional treatments..AND it costs NOTHING--but your time and energy (come on, how much time and energy does your addiction cost?) I particularly liked this quote, "Just as some obstetricians resent midwives, some addiction treatment professionals looked down on the non-professional AA members in their midst."  (Thanks to Leonard Buschel and his Addiction/Recovery eBulletin for this article.)

Read about why professionals are admitting that the 12 Steps really do work and work well!
Here’s proof that Alcoholics Anonymous is just as effective as professional psychotherapies - The Washington Post: "Studies such as these dramatically reduced the ranks of AA critics among scientists.  AA’s value is still questioned in a few quarters, but as Harvard Professor of Psychiatry John Kelly notes, this is becoming less true as the years go by: “The stronger scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of AA is relatively new. It takes time for evidence to disseminate into clinical practice as well as into broader society.”"

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The Dangers Of Just One Evening Of Hookah Smoking

Shades of Alice in wonderland...read this about the caterpillar


The Dangers Of Just One Evening Of Hookah Smoking: "Just one evening of hookah smoking could make nicotine urine levels spike by more than 70 times, and also result in the increase of cancer-causing agents, according to the study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention"

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Mistakes--some days are like this

Some days are like this--...having just turned off the Alaska Hwy to let the dogs pee and getting back on, going 60 miles in wrong direction before figuring it out!

So I pulled this from the Pocket Sponsor to share today...

Day Twenty/6:00 AM: from the original Pocket Sponsor / There are some people who learn from the mistakes of others... Then there are the rest of us.


Child's drug use may be in plain sight

Very good article and presentation about kids hiding drugs and what to be awre of. Putting your head inteh sand is a way to deny the use--if I don't see it, it isn't happening--but maybe it is and if so, you need to know. Read the article--get informed.

Child's drug use may be in plain sight - New Jersey Herald: "If you saw a soda can poked with holes on your teen’s dresser, would you think he or she was using it to smoke marijuana? Would you realize that your teen may be doing inhalants if you saw Dust-Off in his or her backpack? And, would you think to look for heroin behind a light switch plate or sewn into the waistband of a pair of pants?

The answers to the above questions are “no” for many parents because the paraphernalia, hiding places and signs of alcohol and drug use are a mystery to them."

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‘Jaidon’s Law’ crackdown on SC drug-abusing parents

It's getting harder for your kids to abuse their kids if they get pregnant while abusing drugs--when you learn to become your child's sober coach, you are also protecting your future grandchildren. The law discussed below is going to become more common across the country.

COLUMBIA, SC: ‘Jaidon’s Law’ crackdown on SC drug-abusing parents clears hurdle | Local News | The State:The bill, called Jaidon’s Law, came about after 22-month-old Jaidon Morris died in 2008 from a drug overdose a week after he was removed from a foster home and returned to his biological parents, who had a history of drug problems.

Read more here: http://www.thestate.com/2014/05/14/3447069/jaidons-law-crackdown-on-sc-drug.html?sp=/99/132/#storylink=cpy

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9 Myths About Alcohol, Busted

This is a great way to open discussions on alcohol with your kids--interesting fats they may or may not know--get this article and have a family counsel--ask what they know or don't know about alcohol and "bust" the myths! (this is a learning exercise for everyone and a great way to get started in these discussions).

9 Myths About Alcohol, Busted: "It's the world's most used drug, and the drug that most frequently sends users to the emergency room, and yet less than 60 percent of heavy drinkers recognize that their habits put them at high risk, according to the 2014 Global Drug Survey."

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Rise In Marijuana Intoxication in Dogs

Dog staggering? He got home from the park and began jerking around and unsteady on his paws? Maybe its the pot! Yes, our furry friends are sometimes getting into marijuana  and it can be a really serious problem. Read about it here:

Rise In Marijuana Intoxication in Dogs « Pop News, Artists, Celebrity Gossip, Fernando & Greg – 99.7 [NOW!]: "With edibles becoming more of a common trend with marijuana users, dogs are finding more and more of these drugs discarded in parks and bushes. The problem comes when these dogs ingest the marijuana edibles."
thanks to Leonard for his Writers in Treatment addiction bulletin.

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Parents should be concerned about children and spice |

Being a parent means being on 24/7. As if its not enough to watch out for glue, gasoline, and paint as "drugs" of abuse--now they have to watch for this new synthetic marijuana--Sigh. OK--any one with kids from 8 to 18--go read this this, its important.

Counselor: parents should be concerned about children and spice | FOX10 News - Mobile: "She said spice is a popular drug because kids can now make it at home. The recipe is as close as the internet.

“These kids are wanting to do it because it doesn’t show up on a lot of jobs or schools drug screenings,” she said.

Keeping a close eye on children, and their behavior, could keep them from overdosing."

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Drunken Monkeys: Does Alcoholism Have an Evolutionary Basis?

Those of us from alcoholic families already know that alcoholism is an inherited disease--we don't need science to tell us. However--does it have an evolutionary basis? and is it helpful to propagating the family or not? find out more here:

Drunken Monkeys: Does Alcoholism Have an Evolutionary Basis? | LiveScience: "Now, about 15 years after conceiving the idea, Dudley, who studies the physiology and biomechanics of flight at the University of California, Berkeley, has published a book, "The Drunken Monkey: Why We Drink and Abuse Alcohol" (University of California Press, 2014) that delves into the evolution of humans' and other animals' attraction to fruit, "

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New online questionnaire for parents

Wonder if you need to worry about your kids and drugs? Do you wonder if they may be hiding something form you? We now put up an on-line questionnaire that you can take and score. If you have any kids from at home over the age of 9, please use go here:

Sober Coaching Your Teen: "DOES YOUR CHILD NEED HELP?"

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Today's Sober Joke

I feel sorry for people who don’t drink or do drugs. Because someday they’re going to be in a hospital bed, dying, and they won’t know why. (Redd Foxx)

Sometimes if you don't laugh, you'll cry!

Solid parenting reduces drug abuse risks/Yeah right

Nuts to this "advice"--you can do all these "solid" things and if your kid is going to use, you can't do a whole lot about it. Remember Amy's story in the front of our workbook? she is the president of SODA? She comes from a great family and is scared to death to tell anyone she drinks too much, way too much.

Of course basic parenting skills do influence your kids, but it doesn't "prevent" addiction. Maybe it helps them make better choices after they experiment and do get into trouble.

Solid parenting reduces drug abuse risks: "Basic parenting skills can go far in reducing the likelihood of a child’s becoming substance-addicted or ever experimenting in the first place, Dr. Mann Spitler says.
There are six behaviors in particular which parents should make a habit."

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From Bongs to books for this young actress

You just have to love these young celabs and their high profile "recovery." We wish Amanda the very best!

After rehab stint, Amanda Bynes is ‘a great student’ | Page Six: "She’s gone from bongs to books.
Since enrolling at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Janua
ry, Amanda Bynes has proved herself quite the student."

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Addiction: A Guilford Family's Story

Here is the first of a three-part series on youth battling addiction, WNPR introduces you to the Harmons family of Guilford. This appears to be a very factual look at kids becoming addicted in a family, how the family finds out and what they can do about it. If you are dealing with kids and addiction (or drug abuse) I suggest that you read this entire series. 

I find this first of the series full of facts that a lot of parents don't know--for instance, 60 percent of the drugs kids get are GIVEN to them by friends or relatives--mostly siblings. Parents and communities are so very worried about the dealer down the street--so much so that they make laws increasing penalties for "selling" drugs near a school ground. News flash--dealers selling drugs by schools is almost a non-issue!  Less than 20% of kids gets drugs from dealers--and very seldom start by buying from dealers. Their brothers, sisters, aunts, parents, friends...and even doctors are the ones who get them started.

Read the series...its full of useful facts and information is the place to begin. correct information--not scare tactics.

Addiction: A Guilford Family's Story | WNPR News: "Tim's father, Justin, said, "I don’t think we realized what a serious problem it was until he nearly died." 

The Harmons had heard that members of his swim team had been experimenting with drugs. "We thought he was experimenting," Justin Harmon said. "We believed it was at the level of marijuana. "

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Spring Break Can Be Deadly

Although you can' do much about your kids participating in Spring Break antics--they make their own choices after all, you don't have to bank roll it if you don't agree--think about wht you give your son or daughter money for--especially if they have trouble with alcohol and other drugs--Spring Break is no longer just a break from school for a bit of relaxation--it is almost exclusively a drinking, drug, and sexual overindulgence.

Spring Break Can Be Deadly: "Today college spring break no longer resembles a 1960 movie with Connie Francis singing "Where the Boys Are" on the beach. It's more like watching an MTV bikini contest or an episode of "Girls Gone Wild."

These days, spring break presents a wide variety of dangers for college students targeted by marketing efforts that promote dangerous drinking and sex."

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Activities for Children | 12 Steps 12 Stories

Trying to share the 12 steps with your kids? Here is a book that helps you with the message. I thought it was worth sharing. Beside the workbook--there is a resource section of kids books (for kids in alcoholic families) and a section on activities you can do with kids from 6 to 12.

Activities for Children | 12 Steps 12 Stories: "Introduce Your Children to the 12 Steps
Explore the Spiritual Messages of Recovery
Create Open and Healing Family Discussions"

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Four Circles Recovery Center March 2014 Newsletter

Four Circles Recovery has a great little newsletter where they share personal stories (as well as other recovery news). You might like to read JAANA's story of intervention and treatment.

Four Circles Recovery Center March 2014 Newsletter: "My Journey began January 11, 2012, when I walked into a circle of 
loved ones with letters. As you probably guessed, I walked into an intervention. At first, I wasn’t willing to go to treatment. I knew I wanted to get off of drugs, but had no idea that treatment was the answer.  I had a two year-old daughter that I did not want to leave and was paralyzed with fear. However, I ended up going to treatment. Little did I know, I was going to wake up the next day to the best experience that would save my life."

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LETTER: Addicts aren't immoral

Its important to remember that although drug addiction is a disease--people don't want to become drug addicts and ruin their lives your life and their kid's life--it is a disease of choice--ie they pick up that drug. BUT do they have a choice about making the choice? I didn't before I knew I was an alcoholic addict...once I knew it was a disease, I stopped picking up. But when I wanted to stop smoking (also an addiction)--it took me 10 years of constant trying.

I have no idea why I quit alcohol and speed but the tobacco was so much longer. I didn't want to smoke when pregnant--I didn't want to spend the money--I didn't want to smoke in front of my daughter but I did. So do addicts want to use in spite of everything--usually not. Why do they do it? Its a disease. Its hard to recover. Most of them die. Usually they don't want to die---here's a letter about this I foudn and want to share.

LETTER: Heroin, prescription drug crisis getting out of hand | lehighvalleylive.com:
People must take their heads out of the sand and acknowledge this problem. Drug addicts suffer an addictive disorder — they are not depraved, immoral persons bent on self-destruction. Many were introduced to highly addictive prescription drugs as treatment for medical conditions.

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Doctors are key source of narcotics for riskiest users

Its a shame really--because doctors do want to help people and they don't want to hurt them. So in their attempts to help--they often prescribe pain meds or anxiety meds to try and help with symptoms--they are busy, they have other patients to get to and it its just so darn easy to "stop the pain right now" with a pill. And then you have the abuse and dependency follows...Doctors don't get up in the morning and say--"I hope I get 3 people addicted today.." We know they don't. but they do get people addicted--it is just so darn easy--here is a new study that explores this--in the LA Times. Worth reading

Doctors are key source of narcotics for riskiest users, study says - latimes.com: "Doctors are fueling the epidemic of prescription drug addiction and overdose and represent the single largest supplier of these drugs to chronic abusers, according to a government study published Monday."
The finding challenges the conventional wisdom that the epidemic is caused primarily by abusers getting their drugs without prescriptions, typically from friends and family.

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ManyFaces1Voice & The Anonymous People Film

This is going to be so much fun! thank about getting a group of folks together, have dinner, popcorn and sit and watch this film. It's all day (on demand) and FREE for one day--this Sat March 1st. You're goig to want to watch it and its better watching it with friends.

ManyFaces1Voice & The Anonymous People Film: "On March 1st, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, a founding partner of the ManyFaces1Voice call-to-action campaign, will host a free online stream of The Anonymous People via the Hazelden Social Community: www.hazelden.org/social (You must join the online community to watch, but joining is free).

On that day, people from all over the world will watch The Anonymous People, which will be accessible for online streaming for 24 hours (12AM to 11:59PM EST on 3/1/14). As an added bonus, the film’s director, Greg Williams, and other key subjects from the film, including Hazelden’s William Cope Moyers, will have a dialogue about recovery advocacy during a live chat that begins at 5 p.m. EST"

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Just an announcement--I'm being interviewed about the new App (and lots of other things too--this Sat) Why don't you join us at the Been There Done that show?

been-there-done-that: "Shelly Marshall Turn Your iPhone into A Pocket Sponsor Host the Been There Done That Show 2-22-14 Saturday 6pm mst"

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Ozzy Osbourne celebrating 12 months of sobriety

Worth something. I love it when people share their recovery. We need more high people in recovery sharing their success rather than all the failures we see smeared across the news everyday!

Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne: Former X Factor judge tells of love for ''softie'' Black Sabbath singer who is celebrating 12 months of sobriety - 3am & Mirror Online: "The former X Factor judge told of their “fantastic” relationship as the Black Sabbath singer celebrated 12 months of sobriety.

After admitting last year how she threatened him with divorce, Sharon, 61, said she partly blamed herself for not noticing his relapse.

Ozzy, 65, who had been sober for seven years, had been taking drink and drugs in secret for months."

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Drug Education and Prevention for your Teen | Morningside Recovery

We've talked a lot about prescription drugs and kids lately. Have you heard the commercial with the medicine cabinet talking to you? Telling you your kids are abusing your prescription drugs? It would be nice to have a medicine cabinet that "tells" on the kids...NSA not-with-standing. But every parent should know the basics about drug education and abuse--that is why this is a good primer article for arming yourself with the facts. Morningside did a good job.

Drug Education and Prevention for your Teen | Morningside Recovery: "Drugs come in many forms; they can be prescribed by a physician, purchased over-the-counter, or found in common household products. Over-the-counter (OTC) medications, such as cough syrup and diet pills are often considered harmless by teenagers. They are also increasingly popular to abuse, as they are readily available and they are relatively low-cost. Other common types of drugs include prescription pain killers, inhalants, stimulants, hallucinogens, and depressants. Although it is often discussed in a category of its own, alcohol is also a type of drug and is classified as a depressant. Tobacco, which contains the drug nicotine, and marijuana, are some of the first drugs that a teenager may use as they may also see them as harmless. Club drugs, which are drugs that are typically used at parties or in clubs, are also common types of drugs. These may include Ecstasy, methamphetamine, and Rohypnol (a.k.a the date-rape drug.)"

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Energy Drink Consumption Signal Substance Abuse In Teens,

Very interesting study--it looks like when you "train" yourself to rely on outside things for your mood--i.e. energy drinks for a pick me up--and such--that you are training yourself for substance abuse--but it makes sense and why would we be surprised?

Energy Drink Consumption May Signal Substance Abuse In Teens, Young Adults - Health News - redOrbit: "Teens who constantly crack open a Red Bull or Monster energy drink could be at a higher risk of using alcohol and drugs, according to a new study published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine.

The energy drink industry has grown immensely over the past decade, and studies show that nearly one-third of US adolescents consume the high-caffeinated drinks. However, the latest research says that these teens also show higher rates of alcohol, cigarette or drug use."

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(36) InsideOUT Writers

If you are not a member of FaceBook I apologize for linking to this--but it is such a great endeavor. This is young people who have been incarcerated using writing to help help themselves and reaching out to others. I love it. That is how the book "Young, sober, & Free" was written--a group of young people in recovery getting together and deciding what needs to be in their book. In the forward we quote a judge who always used to say "I ain't Preaching..." because he didn't thinking preaching to those before him would ever help. Today in many 12 step programs they have a saying "reach out, don't preach out." and young writers reaching out to other kids who need guidance--well, there is nothing better.

(36) InsideOUT Writers:

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Community class educates teens and parents on pot

Community class educates teens and parents on pot: "The legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado has local law enforcement and parents concerned. Tuesday, dozens of parents and their teens had the opportunity to learn more about the harmful effects of drug use."

News flash--kids are not likely to give a hoot. In fact they are probably laughing behind your backs--with the legalization of pot, clinics on the corner, clebas doing it and even the prez saying it should be legalized--why would they listen about the "evils."

In fact, it is the least harmful of the recreational drugs--until we look at tobacco and alcohol, how can we teach about the "EVEILS" of maryjane? I think we are going to have to find another approach--like making kids think lots of others are not doing it and that's the cool thing....influences on what others do work best to persuade kids not to do, or to do, behaviors. that is the growth stage they are in. Preaching and teaching just won't cut it.

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Jenelle Evans Reads Book For Recovering Addicts!

Well, look at this--someone using Day By Day and proud of it! even has over 600 likes--That is our first meditation book and we are proud of it too Jenelle.

Despite being arrested for heroin possession and simple assault in April, Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans is making sure she stays on her sober track. To prove it, the mom hopped on Facebook to show off one of her daily reads — a book called Day by Day: Daily Meditations For Recovering Addicts.

Jenelle Evans Reads Book For Recovering Addicts! (PHOTO) | Teen Mom | Wetpaint:

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On alcoholism, Marty Walsh deserves better coverage than Bush got

Alcoholism isn't the stigma that it used to be. Here is a story about the Boston Mayor (Walsh) who is very open about his attendance at AA meetings. the article also discusses George Bush and his openness regarding his disease and spiritual recovery in a 12 Step program.

The disease of addiction (alcoholism included) can be a real blessing to those afflicted. How? i was raised in an alcoholic home that gave me a very rocky beginning. I didn't have much of a foundation to build on like kids from solid family backgrounds. I don't need to paint a picture for most of our readers about how sick and outrageous an alcoholic background could be--but take my word for it, once i began drinking--all hell broke loose. I was an ugly loudmouthed drunk who didn't have much of a chance anywhere except in a bar or the pages of Playboy.

So being an alcoholic who could join a 12 Step program was a blessing. It gave me a way out--a way to "fix" what was wrong with me--not just my current alcoholism but all those things I didn't learn while growing up. the program raised me, so to speak and gave me a spiritual base from which to build my life.

So when you discover that loved one (especially your children) are chemically dependent, look at the blessing side of recovery. Read about this Mayor and about our past president. Their recovery MADE them and your child's recovery can make them too--and you can be part of the solution. Be sure to look at our website for parents SobercoachingYourTeen.com

On alcoholism, Marty Walsh deserves better coverage than Bush got - Opinion - The Boston Globe: "So far, so good. Walsh has spoken openly about his struggles with alcohol with the Globe and other publications. It was widely reported during the mayoral campaign that Walsh still attends meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous almost 20 years after quitting. “I don’t really care who knows I’m an alcoholic, because if it helps somebody else knowing that I’m an alcoholic, then they’ll ask me for help if they need it,” Walsh told the Globe’s Stephanie Ebbert last year."

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5th Annual Experience, Strength and Hope Award Show | Writers in Treatment

I am going to this event on February 13--so excited. this is one of the non-profits I support and I hope you will give it a look see. They give scholarships to writers in recovery. this year they are

Honoring Carrie White,
author of UPPER CUT

5th Annual Experience, Strength and Hope Award Show | Writers in Treatment: "5th Annual Experience, Strength and Hope Award Show

Join Us to Celebrate
The 5th Annual
Experience, Strength and Hope Award Show"

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Substance Use Disorders in the U.S. Armed Forces

We know that the military has a high rate of addiction problems, but how are our  guys and gals helped when an addiction problem does occur? Maybe you have a loved one in the service and are worried that they have a problem or that the addiction problems of others may endanger their life.

The Department of Defense (DoD) is analyzing its policies and programs that pertain to prevention and treatment of substance use disorders for active duty service members in all branches. they commissioned a study with the Institute of Medicine. One of the problems is that the military stresses being physically fit and combat ready and addiction problems clearly are not in line with that goal--in fact a lot of energy goes into hiding addiction problems--not seeking help in the service. Why? Because when drug abuse behavior is reported to the commander--rather then get help, it means your career in the service is over.

This report may help--help train our professionals to get help for their men and bring them back...in fact i know that men in recovery will make great soldiers and generals and admirals and whatever other commanders our military holds. those who practice the principles of recovery can add so much to our national security. Read about teh study here:

Substance Use Disorders in the U.S. Armed Forces - Institute of Medicine: "Like many sectors of society, the U.S. military has a long history of alcohol and other drug misuse and abuse. In recent years, the face of the issue has been transformed by increasing rates of prescription drug abuse among service members. Heavy alcohol use and binge drinking continues to be a concern within the military."

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Alcohol and drug recovery network, online community, blogs, chat, forums and online meetings -- Hazelden

I just found Hazelden's community site and it was a jolt. Online support can be so helpful--I'd almost forgotten how helpful. I registered myself, went to a forum and listened to Jackiesue explain how she often told herself, "I don't need those AA meetings".  That is something so many in recovery do--convince themselves they don't need the support. For parents, they often convince themselves their kids don't need the meetings!

I shared with Jackie sue what memories she brought to me:

Thank you for sharing that. Brought back memories of when I did the same. I found that I had stopped attending meetings after about 12 years in he program. I had heard it all before and found it boring to listen to the same old same old. I told myself, "God doesn't want us totally dependent on Him forever. He wants us to grow up. That is what the 12 steps are for, growing up." So I relied less and less on God and meetings and more on my own decision making.
What happened? You can guess. No, I did drink, but I could have--I married a practicing alcoholic (wasn't going to meetings so no one had a chance to tell me it might not be a good idea)--I wasn't listening to my Higher Power--I was listening to me. I made my life a living hell for a few years. Was divorcing him in less than three years and went running back to the program.
Guess what? You were all still there for me. Waiting until I needed you again.

After coming back to the loving arms of my family in the program, meetings were not so boring any longer. I found a new way to listen--listen with my heart. Thank you all for being, being here--for being clean and sober. Thanks Jackiesue for bring back these memories.  
Consider lone line support if you are in recovery or the parent of one in recovery. If you are a parent, see if you can find a support online for your young person--(or have them find it) and encourage them to use it. They can begin by sending a story to YoungSoberFree.com   and earning a free book from Hazelden! In the meantime check out Hazelden's community support and join the one for those related to the addicts.

Alcohol and drug recovery network, online community, blogs, chat, forums and online meetings -- Hazelden: "Join Hazelden's Social Community today! Interact with thousands of others who are maintaining or seeking lives free from addiction.  Access chats, online meetings, and discussion boards that address your specific areas of interest any day, any time, from anywhere.  You control your anonymity settings."

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Adolescent addiction: When pornography strikes early

When prone to one addiction we are often prone to other addictions--if you child is addiction to drugs, look for other more hidden additions. Its better to address the whole syndrome at once--do they look at pron--do they play computer game obsessively? Are they gambling? Make sure you keep your mind open to other problem areas that are prone to addiction...

Here's a young one from Utah...He could be yours
Adolescent addiction: When pornography strikes early | Deseret News: "He'd been looking for remote-controlled cars and found a cool YouTube video showing one making a huge jump.
He watched it repeatedly on his home computer, trying to ignore the sketchy video suggestions popping up on the side. But when his friend showed him the pornographic website those sketchy videos brought up, he was instantly hooked.
"At that moment, I wanted more," said the 18-year-old Justin, which is not his real name. "I looked up more. It was a constant need. I had no idea what it was. I was never happy with what I found. Even if it met my sexual preference, it didn't make me happy. I (just started) clicking and clicking and clicking and never stopped.""

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