Teens and substance abuse: Insights from the treatment field

This sounds like a good program--one thing I want to know is if they teach teh parents to become their kid's coach? That would be the ultimate center for teens---

Teens and substance abuse: Insights from the treatment field | The Daniel Island News: "The ASSET program, run by Viktoriya Magid, PhD, targets kids ages 12 to 18 and offers two ongoing care tracks - one for prevention and another for treatment - as well as assessments, drug screenings, medication management, teen coaching, and parent coaching. "

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LIVE FACEBOOK CHAT on Rx Stimulant Abuse Among Students

LIVE FACEBOOK CHAT on Rx Stimulant Abuse Among Students - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids:

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Understanding the Plight of Zokos Children

I sometimes lament what happens here with our drug addicted parents--and then I read something like this--the Plight of Zokos Children...thank you God for our blessings...

FrontPageAfrica Newspaper - Understanding the Plight of Zokos Children: "Many are ex-combatants or former child soldiers who are living with the recurring ill effects of the civil war and the policy neglect that came thereafter."

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Officials gather to seek cure for area's drug crisis | Local News | tribdem.com

Great article--says you can't "jail" your way out of opioid addiction, you can't "treat" your way out of the epidemic, but you can use "life skills" to get yourself out of the problem--hmmm, maybe..does joining a 12 Step program qualify for changing your life skills.

Opiod epidemic: Officials gather to seek cure for area's drug crisis | Local News | tribdem.com: "“We can’t jail ourselves out of this problem,” said Langerholc, who is also the lead prosecutor for the Cambria County Drug Task Force. “We can’t treat our way out of this problem.” A July 12 report from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Philadelphia division showed a 23 percent increase in overdose deaths in 2015. Cambria County saw a 32 percent increase.  Yaw said 85 percent of heroin users start by abusing pain medication. The epidemic affects people of all age groups, social classes and races, he added, so a multifaceted approach is required to address the issue."

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Substance abuse is factor in up to 80% of cases where a child is removed from a home.

California is working hard to help kids stay out of foster care--how? By helping their drug addicted parents. I love it. This is a good use of taxpayer dollars rather than jailing parents and fostering out kids. This is a program that if run right can make a huge difference in the lives of drug addicts and their children. In the long run, it will also save the taxpayer money. Read the article below.

California Court Helps Kids By Healing Parents' Addictions : Shots - Health News : NPR: " "Graduation from this court is considered a critical factor in determination that the children of participants will be safe from any further exposure to the danger and destructive impact of parental substance abuse." There has been a surge recently, across the U.S., in the number of children entering the foster care system after years of decline. Nationally, roughly 265,000 kids entered foster care in 2015 — the highest number since 2008, according to a recent government report."

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Sober Coaching Your Teen

Yahoo! We launched the updated website for parents of teens in trouble with drugs. It's user-friendly,  has free downloads, gives parents basic info and of course talks about our parental workbook. Please pass on info to any parents you know who might benefit! Thanks (oh and tell me if you like the site--I am pretty proud of my newly-learned website revamping skills!)
Sober Coaching Your Teen: "How will our workbook help you deal with your teen? Of course we want our children to stop drinking and abusing drugs. The Sober Coaching You Teen workbook will jump-start the process with research-based interventions using the Teaching-Family Model principles of developing empathy, boundaries, taking responsibility, and recognizing thinking errors. "

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