Thursday, October 16, 2014

Portland substance abuse panel takes public health approach

I received one of these block grants years ago--well several to teach high risk kids how to use the Interenet to help address durg issues--they learned a skill and at the smae time had to research drug abuse to put up ont eh site--it was a back door way to give them information.

I think it was a good way to help them gain information--did it work? We did n't follow it. I always worry about Federal grants when we are broke as a nation..and wonder if they do much but put a few peole to work. Sigh...what I am saying is that maybe it is a local and state issue andnot a Federal issue--the Feds can't take care of what they are charged with now--boarder issues, CDC, budgets???? So why give them more responsiblity--we need to step up to the plate as communities funding ourselves! End rant--now read what they are doing--probably good work, will we see a follow up? Is it effctive? I wonder....

Portland substance abuse panel takes public health approach | The Forecaster: "“We need to deal with people who have addictive disorders," said Botticelli, himself a recovering addict who has been sober 25 years. "We need to be efficient, but also humane in how we respond to those issues.”"

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