Sunday, July 27, 2014

Addiction Today: ‘Legal’ highs – what you need to know

As if trying to keep our kids of illegal drugs is not enough, now we have to worry about "legal" highs and peole who tout them as safe. When I was a hippie, I remember learning about banana peels and how people said we could dry them and roll them and get high on the smoke--not so much. But then they talked about the spices--like allspice--that was more dangerous--destroying the lungs. Geese--now you parents have businesses and head shops advertising these things,,, read below:

Addiction Today: ‘Legal’ highs – what you need to know: "Over the last 10 years, novel psychoactive substances – NPSs or ‘legal highs’ - have become increasingly available to those looking to abuse them in the UK.  Not only are they advertised and sold widely on the internet and head shops but they are also sold as “safe” and “legal” alternatives to illicit drugs. In reality, they can be just as harmful and addictive as illegal drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy or ketamine. Information on their effects is minimal or inaccurate.  "

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