Police officials tell parents to be parents |

I love police officers! My dad was LAPD--I became a deputy in Bonner county Idaho for a few years when my girl was little. Officers often tellit like it is. Here is one, Dan Serrano, with advice I like to give parents.
Police officials tell parents to be parents | Observer and Eccentric Newspapers and Hometown Weeklies | hometownlife.com: "Whether the concern is substance abuse, curfew violations or online safety, Westland police Sgt. Dan Serrano summed up his advice to parents: “I tell my kids, ‘I'm not your friend. I'll treat you like I'm your father. I'll look at your phone when I want to.'
“You have to be the parent,” said Serrano. 
Joined by Lt. Michael Harhold and Officer Matt Bobby, Serrano spoke Monday at the Police-Teen Matters program hosted by Westland Youth Assistance at the Dorsey Center. The overall message focused on the importance of parental involvement and keeping track of their children's activities."

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In the late sixties when I was getting clean and sober--no such luck at "Rockers in Recovery" concerts for us! You young'ns in recovery today have it sooo easy! (yeah and now do you want to hear how I had to walk 3 miles in the snow to school?) Seriously, if you are anywhere near Florida--you got to get to this concert!

ROCKERS IN RECOVERY MUSIC FESTIVAL | RIR Concerts: "It’s a Recovery Palooza , minus the drugs and alcohol, but add meetings and fellowship! RIR Music Fest is a campout for ALL people in recovery or supporters of recovery.
Early Bird Ticket Sales"

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Teens' prescription drug use on the rise » Anderson Independent Mail

We did this in the 60s...the bowl full of pills..very dangerous. Here's a good article about  “pharm” parties on the rise...
Guest column: Teens' prescription drug use on the rise » Anderson Independent Mail: "To celebrate his 16th birthday, Jason is having a “pharm” party. Rather than a present, friends bring prescription drugs from the medicine cabinets at their homes. The drugs are poured into a bowl. The bowl, “trail mix,” is passed and partygoers grab a handful of pills — a mixture of anything. The results could be lethal.
Katie overheard her parents talking about how her brother’s ADHD medication made "

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Parent of an Addict: What’s it Really Like?

What's it like to parent an addict? This is a great section of drugfree.org.
Parent of an Addict: What’s it Really Like? | INTERVENE: A Community for Parents: "So what’s it really like raising a child with a drug problem?
It starts with letting go of the idea of having a “normal” life. Truthfully, it’s a far cry from the storybook life we all fantasized about once upon a time. Being a parent of an addict is about being more than you ever dreamed you could be. And most days it feels like you’re at war.
You quickly learn survival skills.  Not just physical survival. Yes, those are necessary at times, but also emotional survival skills."
 Dealing with a drug crisis is never easy and few sites and books tell parents the real truth. that's why its important to get material you trust. Be sure to check out parental book for dealing with a drug crisis and all the free material on our site Sober Coaching Your Teen.

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SADD Mission & Policy

I was a little sad when I went to this program site--having liked the kids I met who were in SADD many years ago. I felt this site should have LOTS and LOTS of info for parents, schools, and kids. It is sadly lacking  (sorry, just realized I made a pun). In any case, they have a little info, lots of tags asking for your support and a book to start a chapter for over $60. Does anyone know know what's going on with sad right now? Am I not getting the whole picture or what?
SADD Mission & Policy: "Originally, the mission of the SADD chapter was to help young people say "No" to drinking and driving. Today, the mission has expanded. Students have told us that positive peer pressure, role modeling and environmental strategies can prevent other destructive decisions and set a healthier, safer course for their lives. And that is why SADD has become a peer-to-peer education, prevention, and activism organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions, particularly underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide."

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