Pocket Sponsor am on my 5th Pocket Sponsor!

I just wanted to call attention to this--we love it when someone writes in and tell us how the Pocket Sponsor has helped their recovery! thanks, DARA!

Pocket Sponsor: "From wheeling West Virginia,  My name is Dara W. I am from Whg. WV, I met you when I was in my first year of recovery at the Unity Center in Whg. I just celebrated my 7yr anniversary. By the Grace of God & the AA fellowship that I am part of. I wanted to thank you for writing this book & the mini thumbnail book. I am on my 5th one. They wear out easy when you are always opening them. lol, Thank you and God Bless"

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Recovery in Russia

OMG--look what I found when looking for some speakers tapes I've done--an old article I had forgotten about when I used to work in Russia! I had forgotten what a great sense of humor those slovacks have! Below is a favorite memory--the whole article brought back delightful memories--take a look:

Recovery in Russia: "I noticed a mini museum of AA memorabilia from around the country. I saw a bottle from Pskov carved out of wood by sober alkies with the likeness of Christ, a Serenity Prayer candle from Ekaterinburga, a huge medallion carved from wood from Tomsk, and a Camel from Poland. When I asked what the dolls from Chernigov represented that featured a Babushka carrying an old man, Olya quipped, “You don’t recognize co-dependency?”"

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Exercise With a Sober Group Is a Delight - Share Your Story: Using Exercise in Recovery

I never got to exercise with a recovery like the people in the story below--but I know I would have loved it. I used to play racket ball with my brother in recovery, does that count? when I quite smoking I joined a health club and worked out and stat in the hot tub. Well, I mostly sat in the hot tub! The article below gives some great tips for recovery exercise--check it out.

Exercise With a Sober Group Is a Delight - Share Your Story: Using Exercise in Recovery: "How Do You Exercise to Help With Your Recovery?
I started exercising with a group of sober friends more than ten years ago after I quit smoking and started to get chubby. We started out with four and now our Saturday morning run/triathlon training group is regularly more than twelve. "

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I always feel so bad for these actors and actresses who just can't get it together. I've worked for a lot of celebrities and their biggest downfall is that everyone wants to please them, instead of telling them the truth. People are so afraid of saying, "don't pick up stupid!" because they will get fired--yes, drunks and addicts fire the ones who tell them the truth. BUT, you can't work for a dead person--and using leads to death, institutions or jail....

Parents often have the same trouble--they are afraid that if they tell their kids the truth, their kids will "fire" them--It's rough parenting an addict...but remember, you did not cause this, you can not "save" them--you can tell them the truth and eventually they will hear you.

Lindsay Lohan keeps begging for more work … but then when she gets it, she doesn’t take it seriously.
For her latest movie, the $250,000 budget “The Canyons” co-starring porn star James Deen, the actress was a veritable drunken mess, according to New York Times’ reporter Stephen Rodrick, who was embedded with the cast and crew during production.
About.com: http://omg.yahoo.com/blogs/celeb-news/lindsay-lohan-drunk-canyons-set-then-drove-home-224308814.html:

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