Thursday, February 6, 2014

Community class educates teens and parents on pot

Community class educates teens and parents on pot: "The legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado has local law enforcement and parents concerned. Tuesday, dozens of parents and their teens had the opportunity to learn more about the harmful effects of drug use."

News flash--kids are not likely to give a hoot. In fact they are probably laughing behind your backs--with the legalization of pot, clinics on the corner, clebas doing it and even the prez saying it should be legalized--why would they listen about the "evils."

In fact, it is the least harmful of the recreational drugs--until we look at tobacco and alcohol, how can we teach about the "EVEILS" of maryjane? I think we are going to have to find another approach--like making kids think lots of others are not doing it and that's the cool thing....influences on what others do work best to persuade kids not to do, or to do, behaviors. that is the growth stage they are in. Preaching and teaching just won't cut it.

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