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I found the best website today! It is run by Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and I am so impressed! You can contact this organization if you have concerns about your child and they can help steer the right direction for the help you may need. They also have a volunteer staff (Carla returned my call and explained what they do) who has been through the trials of raising a child in today's drug influenced world--you can call them, fill out a form or do an online chat--whatever works best for you. Check out this great resource--I am also adding a resource link from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids | Portal : "Who are Parent Coaches? Parent Coaches are moms and dads just like you who have been personally affected by a child's substance use. They are not therapists – they are parents who have been there and received special training and support from the Partnership and our clinical partner, the Center for Motivation and Change, to help other fam

Parental action is key to fighting teen substance abuse in area |

Yes this is true--parents need to do something, anything to address this issue--just as they address a myriad of issues everyday--they have to address school, futures, manners, puberty, peers, health, drivingect.--but this article begins like so many " But with teen alcohol and drug use on the rise in recent years" NO IT ISN't on the rise! Every few years kids take to opiate, then in a year or so it's meth, then hull eugenics, then back to booze or heroin--and everytime this happens reporters act shocked, "(name your drug) is on the rise!" Help, the world's on fire--kids are taking drugs! Sorry for the sarcasm. I get so tired of folks screaming fire in a crowded room to garner attention. Use Fear--use guilt, use shame--why don't we stick with facts and education? People use drugs. Kids experiment. That is never going to change. Parents must address it--but not with scare tactics--let's use common sense. If you are a mom or dad--go to the