ManyFaces1Voice & The Anonymous People Film

This is going to be so much fun! thank about getting a group of folks together, have dinner, popcorn and sit and watch this film. It's all day (on demand) and FREE for one day--this Sat March 1st. You're goig to want to watch it and its better watching it with friends.

ManyFaces1Voice & The Anonymous People Film: "On March 1st, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, a founding partner of the ManyFaces1Voice call-to-action campaign, will host a free online stream of The Anonymous People via the Hazelden Social Community: (You must join the online community to watch, but joining is free).

On that day, people from all over the world will watch The Anonymous People, which will be accessible for online streaming for 24 hours (12AM to 11:59PM EST on 3/1/14). As an added bonus, the film’s director, Greg Williams, and other key subjects from the film, including Hazelden’s William Cope Moyers, will have a dialogue about recovery advocacy during a live chat that begins at 5 p.m. EST"

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Just an announcement--I'm being interviewed about the new App (and lots of other things too--this Sat) Why don't you join us at the Been There Done that show?

been-there-done-that: "Shelly Marshall Turn Your iPhone into A Pocket Sponsor Host the Been There Done That Show 2-22-14 Saturday 6pm mst"

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Ozzy Osbourne celebrating 12 months of sobriety

Worth something. I love it when people share their recovery. We need more high people in recovery sharing their success rather than all the failures we see smeared across the news everyday!

Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne: Former X Factor judge tells of love for ''softie'' Black Sabbath singer who is celebrating 12 months of sobriety - 3am & Mirror Online: "The former X Factor judge told of their “fantastic” relationship as the Black Sabbath singer celebrated 12 months of sobriety.

After admitting last year how she threatened him with divorce, Sharon, 61, said she partly blamed herself for not noticing his relapse.

Ozzy, 65, who had been sober for seven years, had been taking drink and drugs in secret for months."

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Drug Education and Prevention for your Teen | Morningside Recovery

We've talked a lot about prescription drugs and kids lately. Have you heard the commercial with the medicine cabinet talking to you? Telling you your kids are abusing your prescription drugs? It would be nice to have a medicine cabinet that "tells" on the kids...NSA not-with-standing. But every parent should know the basics about drug education and abuse--that is why this is a good primer article for arming yourself with the facts. Morningside did a good job.

Drug Education and Prevention for your Teen | Morningside Recovery: "Drugs come in many forms; they can be prescribed by a physician, purchased over-the-counter, or found in common household products. Over-the-counter (OTC) medications, such as cough syrup and diet pills are often considered harmless by teenagers. They are also increasingly popular to abuse, as they are readily available and they are relatively low-cost. Other common types of drugs include prescription pain killers, inhalants, stimulants, hallucinogens, and depressants. Although it is often discussed in a category of its own, alcohol is also a type of drug and is classified as a depressant. Tobacco, which contains the drug nicotine, and marijuana, are some of the first drugs that a teenager may use as they may also see them as harmless. Club drugs, which are drugs that are typically used at parties or in clubs, are also common types of drugs. These may include Ecstasy, methamphetamine, and Rohypnol (a.k.a the date-rape drug.)"

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Energy Drink Consumption Signal Substance Abuse In Teens,

Very interesting study--it looks like when you "train" yourself to rely on outside things for your mood--i.e. energy drinks for a pick me up--and such--that you are training yourself for substance abuse--but it makes sense and why would we be surprised?

Energy Drink Consumption May Signal Substance Abuse In Teens, Young Adults - Health News - redOrbit: "Teens who constantly crack open a Red Bull or Monster energy drink could be at a higher risk of using alcohol and drugs, according to a new study published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine.

The energy drink industry has grown immensely over the past decade, and studies show that nearly one-third of US adolescents consume the high-caffeinated drinks. However, the latest research says that these teens also show higher rates of alcohol, cigarette or drug use."

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(36) InsideOUT Writers

If you are not a member of FaceBook I apologize for linking to this--but it is such a great endeavor. This is young people who have been incarcerated using writing to help help themselves and reaching out to others. I love it. That is how the book "Young, sober, & Free" was written--a group of young people in recovery getting together and deciding what needs to be in their book. In the forward we quote a judge who always used to say "I ain't Preaching..." because he didn't thinking preaching to those before him would ever help. Today in many 12 step programs they have a saying "reach out, don't preach out." and young writers reaching out to other kids who need guidance--well, there is nothing better.

(36) InsideOUT Writers:

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Community class educates teens and parents on pot

Community class educates teens and parents on pot: "The legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado has local law enforcement and parents concerned. Tuesday, dozens of parents and their teens had the opportunity to learn more about the harmful effects of drug use."

News flash--kids are not likely to give a hoot. In fact they are probably laughing behind your backs--with the legalization of pot, clinics on the corner, clebas doing it and even the prez saying it should be legalized--why would they listen about the "evils."

In fact, it is the least harmful of the recreational drugs--until we look at tobacco and alcohol, how can we teach about the "EVEILS" of maryjane? I think we are going to have to find another approach--like making kids think lots of others are not doing it and that's the cool thing....influences on what others do work best to persuade kids not to do, or to do, behaviors. that is the growth stage they are in. Preaching and teaching just won't cut it.

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Jenelle Evans Reads Book For Recovering Addicts!

Well, look at this--someone using Day By Day and proud of it! even has over 600 likes--That is our first meditation book and we are proud of it too Jenelle.

Despite being arrested for heroin possession and simple assault in April, Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans is making sure she stays on her sober track. To prove it, the mom hopped on Facebook to show off one of her daily reads — a book called Day by Day: Daily Meditations For Recovering Addicts.

Jenelle Evans Reads Book For Recovering Addicts! (PHOTO) | Teen Mom | Wetpaint:

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