Thursday, January 30, 2014

On alcoholism, Marty Walsh deserves better coverage than Bush got

Alcoholism isn't the stigma that it used to be. Here is a story about the Boston Mayor (Walsh) who is very open about his attendance at AA meetings. the article also discusses George Bush and his openness regarding his disease and spiritual recovery in a 12 Step program.

The disease of addiction (alcoholism included) can be a real blessing to those afflicted. How? i was raised in an alcoholic home that gave me a very rocky beginning. I didn't have much of a foundation to build on like kids from solid family backgrounds. I don't need to paint a picture for most of our readers about how sick and outrageous an alcoholic background could be--but take my word for it, once i began drinking--all hell broke loose. I was an ugly loudmouthed drunk who didn't have much of a chance anywhere except in a bar or the pages of Playboy.

So being an alcoholic who could join a 12 Step program was a blessing. It gave me a way out--a way to "fix" what was wrong with me--not just my current alcoholism but all those things I didn't learn while growing up. the program raised me, so to speak and gave me a spiritual base from which to build my life.

So when you discover that loved one (especially your children) are chemically dependent, look at the blessing side of recovery. Read about this Mayor and about our past president. Their recovery MADE them and your child's recovery can make them too--and you can be part of the solution. Be sure to look at our website for parents

On alcoholism, Marty Walsh deserves better coverage than Bush got - Opinion - The Boston Globe: "So far, so good. Walsh has spoken openly about his struggles with alcohol with the Globe and other publications. It was widely reported during the mayoral campaign that Walsh still attends meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous almost 20 years after quitting. “I don’t really care who knows I’m an alcoholic, because if it helps somebody else knowing that I’m an alcoholic, then they’ll ask me for help if they need it,” Walsh told the Globe’s Stephanie Ebbert last year."

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