Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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I just found Hazelden's community site and it was a jolt. Online support can be so helpful--I'd almost forgotten how helpful. I registered myself, went to a forum and listened to Jackiesue explain how she often told herself, "I don't need those AA meetings".  That is something so many in recovery do--convince themselves they don't need the support. For parents, they often convince themselves their kids don't need the meetings!

I shared with Jackie sue what memories she brought to me:

Thank you for sharing that. Brought back memories of when I did the same. I found that I had stopped attending meetings after about 12 years in he program. I had heard it all before and found it boring to listen to the same old same old. I told myself, "God doesn't want us totally dependent on Him forever. He wants us to grow up. That is what the 12 steps are for, growing up." So I relied less and less on God and meetings and more on my own decision making.
What happened? You can guess. No, I did drink, but I could have--I married a practicing alcoholic (wasn't going to meetings so no one had a chance to tell me it might not be a good idea)--I wasn't listening to my Higher Power--I was listening to me. I made my life a living hell for a few years. Was divorcing him in less than three years and went running back to the program.
Guess what? You were all still there for me. Waiting until I needed you again.

After coming back to the loving arms of my family in the program, meetings were not so boring any longer. I found a new way to listen--listen with my heart. Thank you all for being, being here--for being clean and sober. Thanks Jackiesue for bring back these memories.  
Consider lone line support if you are in recovery or the parent of one in recovery. If you are a parent, see if you can find a support online for your young person--(or have them find it) and encourage them to use it. They can begin by sending a story to YoungSoberFree.com   and earning a free book from Hazelden! In the meantime check out Hazelden's community support and join the one for those related to the addicts.

Alcohol and drug recovery network, online community, blogs, chat, forums and online meetings -- Hazelden: "Join Hazelden's Social Community today! Interact with thousands of others who are maintaining or seeking lives free from addiction.  Access chats, online meetings, and discussion boards that address your specific areas of interest any day, any time, from anywhere.  You control your anonymity settings."

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