Parents empowering parents | Help for parents of adult addicts

We always think of helping the parent of teenage drug addicts and alcoholics and often forget the parents of adult addicts. Sometimes it is more tragic for the 70 year old parent struggling to know what to do with their 55 year old addict "child."

Parents empowering parents | Sequim Gazette: "“It’s so important not only for the adult addict but for the parents to have this support,” Joanna said.

“I never was a big believer in support groups but I am now,” she said. “It really has helped especially when you feel so alone.”

PAL is a nonprofit support group for parents whose children struggle with drug addiction."

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Pay It Forward. Together we can help struggling centers.

Pay It Forward. Together we can help struggling centers.: "One of my favorite movies is "Pay It Forward"--where people do good for others, just because. Many, many organizations who work with addicts and alcoholics do just that--they sacrifice much to try and help the struggling alcoholic/addict and their families. At Day By Day, we have endeavored to help those centers help others by starting our own "Pay It Forward" program. For well over 10 years we have sent thousands of dollars of recovery books to hundreds of centers. It has been our honor to do so.

In fact, this last week 5 treatment centers have requested free books from our "Pay It Forward" program. We simply don't have the resources. This is common and we have always sent what we could. We, at Day By Day, are now exploring other ways to help Pay It Forward to the many deserving treatment centers with limited funds that struggle to help those in recovery.

One of the things we do, and will expand on, is allowing much of our material to be freely downloaded and used by centers. "

If you want to help--go here: Pay It Forward. Together we can help struggling centers.: and give us your suggestions.

in the meantime, will you think about helping these struggling centers--if you live in the same state or close?

Celebrate Unity , 3812 king street, GREENVILLE, Texas 75401, "We are a new center that is focused on the addiction and recovery in our county. We have large
percentage of residents that suffer in silence and we are in need of all literature available to turn these lives and families around."

12 step recovery, 515 SE 6th st. Washington, Indiana 47501 "We need 12 step recovery books, big book of n/a and a/a . We're just getting started in this community and need help with at least a few books of each please thank you."

New Life Wellness,  1005 ligonier Street, 1005 Ligonier street
Latrobe, PA 15650 "This is an addiction clinic that cares
tremendously of their patients and their wondering. They assist
patients in many ways and check on us individually to help with our
treatment process. Me, as their patient, would love to have {recovery
literature} to help guide me in my recovery process. I know they
would be thrilled to have this tool in office to provide their
patients with another source of help and guidance!

Am I My Brother's Keeper For Life Outreach Ministry, 4545 S. Fourth,
BEAUMONT, Texas Beaumont "We are a non profit organization thats
new to our community and I believe {any recovery literature} will
help us reach our participants just beginning in the program. It
would be a great item to put in their tool box of recovery that we
are helping them to build. The first 30 days in recovery are crucial
in showing the participant there is a light at the end of the
tunnel." Our hope is to encourage and enpower the participants
of this program"

Lifeline, 712 Walnut St, Bethlehem Baptist Church, McKeesport Pait,  Its a
very good organization that helps people in the community with all
addictions, specially the new comers, I believe {recovery} books can
make a difference and would be greatly appreciated, I am a
participant and we use different books all the time  THANK YOU

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‘When did it all begin to fall apart?’ A son’s addiction, and a mother’s guilt

These parents try to remember their son, Ben, before his addiction--they share their expereince as they particiate in a  treatment center support group. If you are considering treatment for your child, read this account.

‘When did it all begin to fall apart?’ A son’s addiction, and a mother’s guilt - The Washington Post: "He holds himself still, stone-like, and I see how these five weeks in treatment have narrowed and chiseled him. Is he breathing? I wait for the sigh; it always comes. This is a boy who holds his breath in excitement when he reads a book or plays a video game; he looks up, the chapter finished, the game over, takes a deep breath and then releases it with all the joy of the journey contained in that letting go and returning to the real world."

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