Free Download: 12 Step Virtual Meetings Guide

Free Download Guide: 12 Step Virtual Meetings Guide (when community social distancing is required)
Sometimes it is not very  responsible to attend face to face 12 Step meetings because of a multitude of  health reasons. During a pandemic and during stable times, health concerns are more numerous than we think and can put everyone at risk. If you have an infections disease, don't go to face to face meetings, please. But that doesn't mean not to attend meetings. You can go to virtual meetings of all kinds and get just as much support as always--and you can share you experience, strength, and hope too.

We have so many immune compromised people in our rooms, please think about using virtual meetings when you are sick or at risk. Consider leading these meetings, sponsoring these meetings, and supporting these meetings during your Intergroup and area conferences. Here is the info you need:

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