Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Child's drug use may be in plain sight

Very good article and presentation about kids hiding drugs and what to be awre of. Putting your head inteh sand is a way to deny the use--if I don't see it, it isn't happening--but maybe it is and if so, you need to know. Read the article--get informed.

Child's drug use may be in plain sight - New Jersey Herald: "If you saw a soda can poked with holes on your teen’s dresser, would you think he or she was using it to smoke marijuana? Would you realize that your teen may be doing inhalants if you saw Dust-Off in his or her backpack? And, would you think to look for heroin behind a light switch plate or sewn into the waistband of a pair of pants?

The answers to the above questions are “no” for many parents because the paraphernalia, hiding places and signs of alcohol and drug use are a mystery to them."

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