Hospice Care: stealing pain killers from the dying!

Stealing pain killers from the dying...that is how ugly addiction is--it is aggressive and robs the very humanity from us.. so so grateful we have options in recovery. read this:
Journalist: Hospice Care Is Battlefront In Era Of Opioid Crisis | Wisconsin Public Radio
: ""Because this opioid epidemic is really affecting everyone, rich and poor, you can't make assumptions about who might be at risk," said Bailey. In her reporting, Bailey encountered stories of those who stole and abused opioid prescription painkillers from at-home hospice patients. "There's no real good national data on this problem. We don't know how common this is, but we do know that enrollment in hospice has been rising rapidly. About half of people who die in America are now in hospice care. And most of the time hospice staff are actually coming to the home," Bailey said on "Central Time.""

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