Saturday, March 29, 2014

Addiction: A Guilford Family's Story

Here is the first of a three-part series on youth battling addiction, WNPR introduces you to the Harmons family of Guilford. This appears to be a very factual look at kids becoming addicted in a family, how the family finds out and what they can do about it. If you are dealing with kids and addiction (or drug abuse) I suggest that you read this entire series. 

I find this first of the series full of facts that a lot of parents don't know--for instance, 60 percent of the drugs kids get are GIVEN to them by friends or relatives--mostly siblings. Parents and communities are so very worried about the dealer down the street--so much so that they make laws increasing penalties for "selling" drugs near a school ground. News flash--dealers selling drugs by schools is almost a non-issue!  Less than 20% of kids gets drugs from dealers--and very seldom start by buying from dealers. Their brothers, sisters, aunts, parents, friends...and even doctors are the ones who get them started.

Read the series...its full of useful facts and information is the place to begin. correct information--not scare tactics.

Addiction: A Guilford Family's Story | WNPR News: "Tim's father, Justin, said, "I don’t think we realized what a serious problem it was until he nearly died." 

The Harmons had heard that members of his swim team had been experimenting with drugs. "We thought he was experimenting," Justin Harmon said. "We believed it was at the level of marijuana. "

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