Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Parents Teaching Teens “Responsible Drinking” is a Myth:

I remember when we were growing up, there were often chaperoned parties where parents allowed kids to drink "under their supervision."  Fathers used to "teach" their sons to "drink like a man." They thought they were doing the right thing. Parents said things like, "Well if they are going to do it anyway, they should do it in front of me so I can help guide them."

Yet we have learned a lot since that time. Although you may be able to teach a person how to have manners when they drink, or you can teach them the difference between abuse and normal use--and that will work somewhat after they get past their bulletproof adolescence. But we should always remember that we can't teach them out of a disease. If they have it, they have it. Here is what Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has to say on the topic:

Parents Teaching Teens “Responsible Drinking” is a Myth: Study - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: "Parents who provide their teens with alcohol and a place to consume it may think they are teaching their children “responsible drinking.” A new review of studies concludes this view is misguided. Researchers found parental provision of alcohol is associated with increased teen alcohol use."

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