Make Sure Halloween Candy Doesn’t Contain Marijuana

Geeze, as if we don't ahve enough to worry about--now we have to look for Maryjane in th candy!!!!

Denver Police to Parents: Make Sure Halloween Candy Doesn’t Contain Marijuana - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: "Marijuana edible products can mimic candy such as Sour Patch Kids, Jolly Ranchers and gummy bears, the video cautions parents. Patrick Johnson, the owner of Urban Dispensary, says, “There’s really no way to tell the difference. It’s best just to toss that stuff into the trash.”"

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Your Face as a Long-term Alcoholic or in the Press, your face on Meth

I like this online tool. Good for ""   Get your son or daughter (or self) and upload a pic. Then see what taking drugs does to you!

Thanks to New York Daily news for photo.

Click here to begin the process.
Your Face as a Long-term Alcoholic: "Alcohol maintains a near ubiquitous presence in the daily lives of many of us—it is easily purchased at restaurants and convenience stores, present in many celebratory and spiritual ceremonies and, of course, heavily featured in movies and television. Perhaps as a result, alcoholism and the damaging effects of alcohol abuse are frequently downplayed or overlooked altogether."
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I would love to see Doctors as Spiritual Leaders

This was illustrated by artisit Christine Sundly.
The Three fold disease mentioned is addiciton/alcoholism
Edgar Cayce says in the future, our sicentists will be very spiritual and help lead the world governments.

Day By Day: Hazelden, Denver Young People's Group

Look what I found on Amazon! Some of the original Day By Days (hardback) are for sale--and not too expensive--this is the 40th year since Day By Day was published and has sold over 2 and a half million! check it out. (back then the book was only $2.99--but it is still under $10!)

Day By Day (ISBN: 0894860062 - Daily AA Meditations Pocket-Book): Hazelden, Denver Young People's Group: Books:

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Parents Teaching Teens “Responsible Drinking” is a Myth:

I remember when we were growing up, there were often chaperoned parties where parents allowed kids to drink "under their supervision."  Fathers used to "teach" their sons to "drink like a man." They thought they were doing the right thing. Parents said things like, "Well if they are going to do it anyway, they should do it in front of me so I can help guide them."

Yet we have learned a lot since that time. Although you may be able to teach a person how to have manners when they drink, or you can teach them the difference between abuse and normal use--and that will work somewhat after they get past their bulletproof adolescence. But we should always remember that we can't teach them out of a disease. If they have it, they have it. Here is what Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has to say on the topic:

Parents Teaching Teens “Responsible Drinking” is a Myth: Study - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: "Parents who provide their teens with alcohol and a place to consume it may think they are teaching their children “responsible drinking.” A new review of studies concludes this view is misguided. Researchers found parental provision of alcohol is associated with increased teen alcohol use."

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Portland substance abuse panel takes public health approach

I received one of these block grants years ago--well several to teach high risk kids how to use the Interenet to help address durg issues--they learned a skill and at the smae time had to research drug abuse to put up ont eh site--it was a back door way to give them information.

I think it was a good way to help them gain information--did it work? We did n't follow it. I always worry about Federal grants when we are broke as a nation..and wonder if they do much but put a few peole to work. Sigh...what I am saying is that maybe it is a local and state issue andnot a Federal issue--the Feds can't take care of what they are charged with now--boarder issues, CDC, budgets???? So why give them more responsiblity--we need to step up to the plate as communities funding ourselves! End rant--now read what they are doing--probably good work, will we see a follow up? Is it effctive? I wonder....

Portland substance abuse panel takes public health approach | The Forecaster: "“We need to deal with people who have addictive disorders," said Botticelli, himself a recovering addict who has been sober 25 years. "We need to be efficient, but also humane in how we respond to those issues.”"

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The pros and cons of taking a pill that prevents you from drinking too much

So what is a "MILD" alcoholic? Hmmmm, only taking One drink?

The pros and cons of taking a pill that prevents you from drinking too much | Express Comment | Comment | Daily Express: "Let’s be very clear, the new pill does not stop you drinking nor does it prevent you from drinking if you really want to. Instead it makes it a lot easier to say no and walk away after you’ve had one or two. This is the crucial point where having a drink changes from a problem- free tipple into a threat to your health. "

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Drug use can be hidden in plain sight, parents told

Yep--we're rasing really really clever we must stay ontop of it. Is nayone surprised? You always thought your kid was the birghtest!

Drug use can be hidden in plain sight, parents told - Alliance Review | Stark, Portage & Mahoning, OH: " "Hidden in Plain Sight" that was complete with an exhibit showing all the new equipment on the market now that teens can use to "dupe" their parents and other caregivers. Everything from fake lipstick tubes that are actually pipes used to smoke "dope" to fake Dasani water bottles that unscrew to get to a secret compartment were covered."

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