Parents should be concerned about children and spice |

Being a parent means being on 24/7. As if its not enough to watch out for glue, gasoline, and paint as "drugs" of abuse--now they have to watch for this new synthetic marijuana--Sigh. OK--any one with kids from 8 to 18--go read this this, its important.

Counselor: parents should be concerned about children and spice | FOX10 News - Mobile: "She said spice is a popular drug because kids can now make it at home. The recipe is as close as the internet.

“These kids are wanting to do it because it doesn’t show up on a lot of jobs or schools drug screenings,” she said.

Keeping a close eye on children, and their behavior, could keep them from overdosing."

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Drunken Monkeys: Does Alcoholism Have an Evolutionary Basis?

Those of us from alcoholic families already know that alcoholism is an inherited disease--we don't need science to tell us. However--does it have an evolutionary basis? and is it helpful to propagating the family or not? find out more here:

Drunken Monkeys: Does Alcoholism Have an Evolutionary Basis? | LiveScience: "Now, about 15 years after conceiving the idea, Dudley, who studies the physiology and biomechanics of flight at the University of California, Berkeley, has published a book, "The Drunken Monkey: Why We Drink and Abuse Alcohol" (University of California Press, 2014) that delves into the evolution of humans' and other animals' attraction to fruit, "

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New online questionnaire for parents

Wonder if you need to worry about your kids and drugs? Do you wonder if they may be hiding something form you? We now put up an on-line questionnaire that you can take and score. If you have any kids from at home over the age of 9, please use go here:

Sober Coaching Your Teen: "DOES YOUR CHILD NEED HELP?"

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Today's Sober Joke

I feel sorry for people who don’t drink or do drugs. Because someday they’re going to be in a hospital bed, dying, and they won’t know why. (Redd Foxx)

Sometimes if you don't laugh, you'll cry!

Solid parenting reduces drug abuse risks/Yeah right

Nuts to this "advice"--you can do all these "solid" things and if your kid is going to use, you can't do a whole lot about it. Remember Amy's story in the front of our workbook? she is the president of SODA? She comes from a great family and is scared to death to tell anyone she drinks too much, way too much.

Of course basic parenting skills do influence your kids, but it doesn't "prevent" addiction. Maybe it helps them make better choices after they experiment and do get into trouble.

Solid parenting reduces drug abuse risks: "Basic parenting skills can go far in reducing the likelihood of a child’s becoming substance-addicted or ever experimenting in the first place, Dr. Mann Spitler says.
There are six behaviors in particular which parents should make a habit."

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