Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Alcoholics Anonymous: Let’s drop the stigma -

Its such a shame that some people attack what works. Honestly I love AA--it is the best most open organization and it has saved so many people. When others just have to bash it (usually those who can't stay sober or are threatened in some way (say a husband doesn't want his wife sober because she might leave him) --they will say AA does more harm than good. Well, believe me--drunks and drunken mothers and fathers do a lot more harm than a group of people trying help each other ever did!

Gosh, lets celebrate the organization that has saved so many.

Alcoholics Anonymous: Let’s drop the stigma - Daily Courier: Life: "Alcoholics Anonymous just celebrated 79 years of bringing drowning alcoholics back to shore. Not only is AA a safe shore, but it’s a place where the most broken spirits may be revived, and even more so, they may begin to thrive unlike any time in their life before."

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