Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More Teen Athletes Abusing Prescription Painkillers,

This is a fact that is very hard for parents--kids in sports are likely to be into drugs too! When I mention this at workshops and in articles, people freak out because its well known how healthy it is to be in sports.... yet, study after study finds that kids in sports abuse drugs like steroids and pain killers. in Addition, young men who play football are more likely to abuse alcohol. Its hard to tell a parent that sport is a high risk choice--doesn't mean you don't let you kids play sports. But it does mean that when they do, you pay attention and talk to them--about why athlete abuse drugs. And you tell them  what you expect from them! This is covered in "Sober Coaching Your Teen."  Read about the new study--which is old news that many don't want to face.

More Teen Athletes Abusing Prescription Painkillers, Study Finds | Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: "A growing number of teen athletes are abusing prescription painkillers, according to a new study. Football players are more likely than other athletes to abuse prescription painkillers, HealthDay reports."

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  1. Wow what a great book teen years a so difficult. They are so easily susceptible to peer pressure, defiance in their behavior, and prone to experimentation. This book will help parents understand whats going on and what they can do constructively to get teen back on track. Love the workbook also.


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