Monday, November 24, 2014

Holly: One face of the national heroin crisis | News |

Holly: One face of the national heroin crisis | News |

"Now she’s serious and listens carefully, and she talks freely about her addiction, as if recounting how much she’s changed helps her get through each day. She’s going to meetings, seeing her son in therapy, playing with her daughter, cooking supper for the family."

Although the details of Holly's plight may be unique, there is a pattern that a great number of addicts can relate to.  As an adolescent, Holly drank alcohol in awkward social situations simply to "loosen up."  In her 20s, she dabbled with cocaine but strictly on the weekends and was still able show up for work on time on Monday morning and still had her rent money ready on the first of every month.  Then Holly began to crush and snort prescription pain pills socially with friends while still believing she was in control.  After finding the pain pills too expensive, she sought out heroin, though initially, only recreationally on payday.  Before she knew it, life was unmanageable.  Bills were no longer being payed as every last dime went towards supporting her addiction and her only concern was where her next fix was going to come from in order to avoid the merciless pains of withdrawal.

If you can identify with this sequence of events, you should know that you are not alone and that refuge is available at your local NA or AA chapter where fellow addicts are eager to lend you their support on your recovery journey.


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