Tuesday, March 11, 2014

LETTER: Addicts aren't immoral

Its important to remember that although drug addiction is a disease--people don't want to become drug addicts and ruin their lives your life and their kid's life--it is a disease of choice--ie they pick up that drug. BUT do they have a choice about making the choice? I didn't before I knew I was an alcoholic addict...once I knew it was a disease, I stopped picking up. But when I wanted to stop smoking (also an addiction)--it took me 10 years of constant trying.

I have no idea why I quit alcohol and speed but the tobacco was so much longer. I didn't want to smoke when pregnant--I didn't want to spend the money--I didn't want to smoke in front of my daughter but I did. So do addicts want to use in spite of everything--usually not. Why do they do it? Its a disease. Its hard to recover. Most of them die. Usually they don't want to die---here's a letter about this I foudn and want to share.

LETTER: Heroin, prescription drug crisis getting out of hand | lehighvalleylive.com:
People must take their heads out of the sand and acknowledge this problem. Drug addicts suffer an addictive disorder — they are not depraved, immoral persons bent on self-destruction. Many were introduced to highly addictive prescription drugs as treatment for medical conditions.

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