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My degree in Alcohol and Drugs came from Metropolitan University in Denver. Colorado has been on the "kids and drugs" bandwagon for 40 years that I know of. Every year the experts (and I was one of them) come out and say how "epidemic" the drug problem has become. The only thing that changes is the name and slang for the drugs--it goes from marijuana to speed, to LSD, to cough syrup, to peyote, to heroin, to date rape drugs, to cocaine, to crack, to prescription drugs, and so on.

I'm not saying that the efforts aren't exemplary--they are. We need to do what we can for each generation of parents and their offspring--I just get so weary of the "epidemic" and alarmism stuff--but maybe that is the only way to capture the attention of those that need to hear it.

This is a great website not only for Colorado parents but for all parents! Go visit.
News | Highlands Ranch Colorado | "A campaign run by the Colorado Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health called “Speak Now Colorado” is targeted at helping parents have those difficult conversations with kids, especially around prom and graduation seasons. On the Speak Now website,, parents can:
 • Learn how to spot risky behavior.
 • Explore hypothetical scenarios to help them prepare for real-life situations involving kids and substances.
 • Take a quiz to test their knowledge of drug and alcohol use.
 • Get tips for starting and continuing conversations with their children about drugs and alcohol. Start conversations early "

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