Thursday, August 7, 2014

Drugs no longer cool: teens are internet addicts while their parents snort cocaine - Telegraph

I wonder if we are taking better care of our children as this article implies--helicopter parents and all. My brother, Dr Marshall would probably say yes--I am not sure, but it is worth considering. I don't think parents did so badly in the past--drugs and alcohol are part of the human condition. But when they capture our kids..and hold on tight. well, if we can do anything, good. I say that controlling who their peers are is the biggest influence--yet making them harder to get and upping the legal age to drink to 21...maybe in the long run they have contributed. But then heroin is epidemic among teens. So who knows? This is an article worth reading.

Why drugs are no longer cool: teenagers are internet addicts while their parents snort cocaine - Telegraph: "There’s no doubt this is partly due to the increased difficulty in getting hold of illegal substances - drink and drugs are more expensive, and pubs and bars are more strict about asking for ID. Another theory argues that we’re getting better at caring for children, which reduces levels of excessive drinking."

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