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Scott Wilson of Scott Wilson Photography has contributed to my campaign of presenting messages using great photos---Here is a way to think about God or is it God thinking about you?

Correlation of drug, child abuse is a wake-up call |

We most often talk about Parents who are trying to care for their drug addicted kids--but the reverse is also true--often kids are trying to care for their addicted parents! and they suffer the abuse and neglect of parents who are not in their right minds and emotions. The article is interesting--the situations are really sad. If you know of these situations, what would you do?

Correlation of drug, child abuse is a wake-up call | Editorials | "New data from Kids Count in Indiana show 13.4 percent of children were found to be living with a parent who abused drugs or alcohol. It also places the state fifth highest in the nation for first-time victims of child abuse or neglect reported in the past year. Pratt, who handles children-in-need-of-services cases, commonly known as CHINS cases, sees firsthand the effects of drugs on children whose parents are abusing substances."

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