Wednesday, August 13, 2014

9 Questions You Should Ask About the Drug "Molly"

I never heard of "Molly"--but if I had heard of it when I was 15 to 21, I would have wanted to try it. Why? Because it promises danger, excitement, something different to experiment with. And of course I wouldn't be one of the unlucky ones to die, I was bulletproof....they say "Molly" a slang term for ecstasy is purer--and safer. Drugs aren't safe and when they get popular, they are MORE likely to be cut with junk--stuff that will hurt and kill kids. And you--read about Molly here:

9 Questions You Should Ask About the Drug "Molly" | NBC4 Washington: "Just a week ago, two young men -- a 17-year-old and a college student -- died after attending a music festival in Columbia, Maryland. As friends and families grieved, authorities said the two may have overdosed on a drug called "Molly"

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