Friday, February 16, 2018

Parental alcohol abuse linked to child deaths and injuries |

No kidding! Parents who drink too much usually end up hurting the ones they love. Good article for exposing the problem--not much in way of solutions except--don't abuse alcohol!
Parental alcohol abuse linked to child deaths and injuries | Society | The Guardian: "“Millions of parents drink too much and their misuse of alcohol causes horrific problems for their children.”

Alcohol misuse was implicated in 37% of cases of a child’s death or serious injury after abuse or neglect between 2011 and 2014, the study found."

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Hotline, web chat help families dealing with children with drug

Another source of help--you never know which form of help will be the one that clicks! Just never give up when it comes to your kids and getting well from addiction.

Hotline, web chat help families dealing with children with drug: ""I'm not a medical professional. I'm not a social worker. I'm a parent like them who's experienced, in my case the worst possible outcome, which is losing a child to drug abuse," said parent-coach David Huntley. The phone number for the hotline is 1-855-DRUG-FREE (1-855-378-4573) and their website is located at The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids goes beyond parents with children under the age of 18. The service is available for parents whose children are as old as 30."

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Pay It Forward: Chrysalis House suffers flood-Please help

We, at Day By Day, received this notice:
Chrysalis House has experienced a flood in our building today. We are in need of hot meals, box lunches, bottled water and paper plates, napkins, cups and utensils. We are unable to answer our phones at this time. Please bring donations to the boutique (right side as you come down driveway). Any questions contact Carressa Christian at 443-839-4679 or 410-320-6525.
We sent books as our contribution--not a huge thing--but something we can do. Can you help?

Pay It Forward with Free Books for Your Center, Just fill this out:

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

America's Drug Crisis Leading to Martial Law?

The extreme problems in Mexico with the drug crisis and their freedom is expanding to the US--DO YOU WANT TO LIVE UNDER MARTIAL LAW? Read this article and decide what you can do in 2018 to stop the tide of violence. (hint--gun control is not the answer).
America's Drug Crisis Leading to Martial Law? | "To fight gangs and cartels, the U.S. government sends $10 million per year to the Mexican military and $260 million per year to Mexican law enforcement and counternarcotics initiatives. And even though the U.S. government does not allow its military to get involved in domestic law enforcement, it still gives about $240 million worth of military hardware to local police departments each year. This military hardware includes airplanes, armored vehicles, helicopters, mine detectors and many other types of weaponry."

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Moms and babies on the road to recovery: Season of Sharing 2017 |

It's a pretty amazing center that gets babies back with Moms. here's a story about one in Oregan:

Letty Owings Center puts moms and babies on the road to recovery: Season of Sharing 2017 | "Horne’s path to recovery started July 16, 2016, the day her youngest child, Michael Hayes, was born. For the 23 years leading up to his birth, Horne had used everything from marijuana to meth and heroin, never thinking she’d be anything but an addict. Two months before Michael was born, she stopped using meth and heroin in hopes they wouldn’t show up on tests. He tested positive for marijuana and the state Department of Human Services stepped in. Horne would be free to leave the hospital, they said, but her baby would have to stay."

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Pay It Forward Program has to chose between Treatment Centers

Sharing Fall's 'Pay It Forward' Program

We at Day By Day have had a flood of requests this year for free books. We give away books every month as our way of paying it forward. Unfortunately, we can't keep up as much as we would like to. Rather than turn anyone organization away, we are going to divide the books up between multiple centers--we apologize for those who receive less and hope that the few books we can send will be added to your library and be made available to the newcomer. IF YOU WANT TO HELP, you can donate a dollar by clicking here.

Here are Fall's recipients of Day By Day's free book program.

Rainbow Center of Michigan, Highland Park, MI TyShaun B wrote, "These books would be a great tool to interact and teach our clients the hopefulness and necessity of recovery."

Brookside Residential Treatment, Pikeville, KY Karen G wrote, "The facility is fairly new and we need all the helpful addiction recovery books and material we can get." 

Addiction Recovery Care, Lexington, KY Ashley D wrote, "I have learned that life is a journey and on my journey, I want to bring out now what lies within me to the suffering addict so they too can see there is hope for the hopeless and help for the helpless."

F. E. A. R, Erie, PA Aliciaa T wrote, "Starting my own nonprofit organization called F. E.A.R. need anything that can help me start this organization"

Mary Martha House, Wheeling, WV Dara W wrote, "We are able to house 5 women at a time and offer them a safe, drug, drama free environment for them to reconnect to their former self. Your books would be a wonderful addition to our recovery library and meditation room library."

Wanderers, Atlanta, Georgia Greg E wrote, "{Our center} is a purely donation only funded group and they are in need of text for study and education. " 

$36 Pocket Sponsor 5 Pack: SAVE $9:

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hospice Care: stealing pain killers from the dying!

Stealing pain killers from the dying...that is how ugly addiction is--it is aggressive and robs the very humanity from us.. so so grateful we have options in recovery. read this:
Journalist: Hospice Care Is Battlefront In Era Of Opioid Crisis | Wisconsin Public Radio
: ""Because this opioid epidemic is really affecting everyone, rich and poor, you can't make assumptions about who might be at risk," said Bailey. In her reporting, Bailey encountered stories of those who stole and abused opioid prescription painkillers from at-home hospice patients. "There's no real good national data on this problem. We don't know how common this is, but we do know that enrollment in hospice has been rising rapidly. About half of people who die in America are now in hospice care. And most of the time hospice staff are actually coming to the home," Bailey said on "Central Time.""

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