Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Solid parenting reduces drug abuse risks/Yeah right

Nuts to this "advice"--you can do all these "solid" things and if your kid is going to use, you can't do a whole lot about it. Remember Amy's story in the front of our workbook? she is the president of SODA? She comes from a great family and is scared to death to tell anyone she drinks too much, way too much.

Of course basic parenting skills do influence your kids, but it doesn't "prevent" addiction. Maybe it helps them make better choices after they experiment and do get into trouble.

Solid parenting reduces drug abuse risks: "Basic parenting skills can go far in reducing the likelihood of a child’s becoming substance-addicted or ever experimenting in the first place, Dr. Mann Spitler says.
There are six behaviors in particular which parents should make a habit."

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