Happy Millerites Day to all Alarmists, Scientists and Kooks alike.

Happy Millerites Day to all you alarmists out there for the Day of Great Disappointment--October 22.  

I honor all alarmists in memory of the charismatic preacher Miller who predicted the end of the world  on October 22,1844, and greatly disappointed his followers when it failed to happen. But if you think it's just religious nuts and preppers that concern themselves with doomsday scenarios, you would be wrong.

It is not just religious kooks who run around predicting the end of the world bringing fear into our homes and communicating catastrophe on social media pages. It is major scientists like Paul Ehrlich in the Population Bomb, who predicted it would all be over by this time, the UN who keeps changing the tipping point date for turning our planet into an inferno, Molina and Rowland, two chemists at the University of California who revealed the threats to the ozone layer and so on. In fact, 22 percent of Americans believe that the world will end in their lifetime. Seriously?

Today I laugh--for if the Zombies do arise in our lifetime, or the arctic melts and we hit a tipping point and burst into flames, just remember that both the scientists and the kooks have something in common when predicting that the end is nigh, they are both always wrong!

I have been seduced at times, thinking the world might be in for it-such as hiding under my desk as a kid in case of nuclear attack. I was one of the suckers who bought a hand turn washing gadget to get through Spencer Bolles' Y2K 2000 fascicle. But since then I have become a healthy skeptic. Does wonders for my serenity.

For your amusement, here is a list of what we have lived through--and note that many of these Catastrophes were predicted by Nobel Prize winners!

2012 Maya Apocalypse
Salmonella from Eggs
BSC (mad cow disease)
Pandemics to end the world (organic and orchestrated, HIV,Ebola,various flues)
Global cooling (new ice age returning)
Acid Rain
Holes in the Ozone
Flesh eating virus
Planet X
17 foot raise in the sea level
Population bomb
Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change
All 1196 Maldives islands would sink underwater within 30 years (this is year 30)
The U.N.’s Doomsday Climate Clock
The atomic Scientist's Doomsday Clock
Super volcanoes

Less popular but still notable
July 29, 2016, because of something called a “polar flip.
Barack Obama would reveal himself to be the Antichrist.
blood moon-supermoon phenomena generated several end-of-the-world
Superintelligent AI takeover
Alien invasion

So even though the scientists and the nut balls all have the same track record, --they are wrong, one day, one of the two camps will be right and I figure at this rate, we have as much chance of the nut ball being right as we do of the scientist!

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