Getting kids off drugs or encouraging them to use them?

I was researching a book today and ran across a website ( some really well done flip books and videos on why not to do drugs. They were designed for kids directly.

I have a real problem with this slick design and well done "warning" about the horrors of drugs. What this slick and hip flip book does is glamorize the world of drugs. With the fabulous photography and campy presentation, this publication does not deter anyone--it made me want to try Ecstasy! They use phrases like "Dancing with Death. There is a story bout Nikki  at the party and how she felt nothing--then never woke up...Come on. A picture of a skull with light glowing from the eyeballs is particularly intriguing. One guy thinks he's an orange and asks others not to "peel" him.

I'm sorry, but I know kids--hey I was one. This form of "warning" is really very appealing to the very ones it is supposed to deter.

Parents and professionals--this is a suggestion--do not use this glittery, dazzling, and glamorous presentation to deter young people against drug use. It will backfire. I can see that the creators of this site either hired or are very good at promotion. But they suck at deterring kids from wanting to do drugs.

Go to and review it. See what you think. after look at the Ecstasy presentation--look at the others like for prescription drugs. What is your gut reaction?
The Truth About Ecstasy: "Published by Official Foundation for a Drug-Free World
Ecstasy is extremely dangerous. So widespread has been the harm of this “designer drug,” that emergency room incidents have skyrocketed more than 1,200% since it became the “club drug” of choice at all-night “rave” parties and dance clubs. "

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23 Sobering Alcoholics Anonymous Statistics |

Since its foundation in the year 1930, AA or Alcoholic Anonymous has actually become synonymous to recovery. Through the years, their twelve step process is being applied to a wide array of issues from overeating (Over eaters Anonymous), excessive gaming (online gamers anonymous) to Drug problems (Narcotics Anonymous).

Read these statistics--you'll be surprised!

23 Sobering Alcoholics Anonymous Statistics |

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Testing kids and teens for drug abuse: What do I need to know?

You're going to want to read this if you test your kids for drugs--or even if you don't believe in it--read this article.

Testing kids and teens for drug abuse: What do I need to know?:

excerpt: The report gives a lot of clear and sensible advice (such as check the temperature of the urine sample immediately and if it is not between 95 and 100 degrees, it is not fresh urine – someone is trying to trick the tester), but the most important statement is in the parents’ guide: “If your teen undergoes a drug test, it should be knowingly. The AAP opposes drug tests without a teen’s knowledge and consent. “


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Sitting in Pictures

Picture recovery reflection of the day.

Excerpted from "Sitting in Pictures, Vision Meditations for Addiction Recovery"

Illustrations by Christine Sundly

Sitting in Pictures:

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Here’s proof that Alcoholics Anonymous is just as effective as professional psychotherapies

Very important to keep this mind--AA just plain works! Not for everyone, not all the time--but works as well or better than other professional treatments..AND it costs NOTHING--but your time and energy (come on, how much time and energy does your addiction cost?) I particularly liked this quote, "Just as some obstetricians resent midwives, some addiction treatment professionals looked down on the non-professional AA members in their midst."  (Thanks to Leonard Buschel and his Addiction/Recovery eBulletin for this article.)

Read about why professionals are admitting that the 12 Steps really do work and work well!
Here’s proof that Alcoholics Anonymous is just as effective as professional psychotherapies - The Washington Post: "Studies such as these dramatically reduced the ranks of AA critics among scientists.  AA’s value is still questioned in a few quarters, but as Harvard Professor of Psychiatry John Kelly notes, this is becoming less true as the years go by: “The stronger scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of AA is relatively new. It takes time for evidence to disseminate into clinical practice as well as into broader society.”"

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The Dangers Of Just One Evening Of Hookah Smoking

Shades of Alice in this about the caterpillar


The Dangers Of Just One Evening Of Hookah Smoking: "Just one evening of hookah smoking could make nicotine urine levels spike by more than 70 times, and also result in the increase of cancer-causing agents, according to the study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention"

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Mistakes--some days are like this

Some days are like this--...having just turned off the Alaska Hwy to let the dogs pee and getting back on, going 60 miles in wrong direction before figuring it out!

So I pulled this from the Pocket Sponsor to share today...

Day Twenty/6:00 AM: from the original Pocket Sponsor / There are some people who learn from the mistakes of others... Then there are the rest of us.

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