Teens in Early Recovery: Ten Common Triggers for Relapse | CRC Health Group

Triggers are a thing, you as a parent can look out for. What will trigger your child to "slip" and start using drugs? You can read about it here--some common points professionals teach parents. Then read below..
Teens in Early Recovery: Ten Common Triggers for Relapse | CRC Health Group: "Studies suggest that between 50 percent and 90 percent of addicts relapse at least once in the first four years of sobriety, and most relapse many times. Triggers for relapse can be as mundane as hearing a certain song on the radio or as significant as hanging out with friends from the old drug crowd.
Although relapse is considered normal and predictable, knowing the common triggers for relapse and having an action plan can help teens and their families guard against any slip-ups. Here are a few common relapse triggers to watch out for:"
OK, you read about the triggers. So what do you do? Do you become responsible to help prevent it? do you call their sponsor? Their counselor? Do you make them sign a contract? Or put them back in treatment? You son or daughter is showing signs of relapsing and you panic.

I want you to think about the word "responsible." who is responsible should your child drink and drug again? If you see it coming, is it you? What does "response" "able" mean?

It means that the only one who can do anything about this "slip" is the one able to respond.

That is not you. Think about it.

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comic freedom for recovery

A freind f mine asked me to look at/review this draft documentary. i think it is a unique approach to an old problem--One comic has 26 years clean...  I like this!  ALERT--ITS A PRISON--LOTS OF ROUGH LANGUAGE!
comic freedom mod.mp4 update - YouTube: "We had this comedy writing class with 7 guys in their addiction counseling group. Rich Vos performed to 100 inmates and staff with two writing group members opened the show. The healing power of humor in aiding recovery from addictions and other mental health issues is the program's driving force. Dave Miller and Perry Gaidurgis met a few weeks before these events and with the help of a few people this is our work in progress to date. More dates of comedy writing workshops and a show at the Eastern Correctional Institute are schedule in September."

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Teens still trade sex for drugs, booze

Teens still trade sex for drugs, booze: "Teenagers are trading sex for drugs and alcohol at a low but steady rate, yet the vast majority of them attend school and live at home with their parents, a new University of B.C. study suggests."

Its lead author says research indicates the problem has been occurring "in the shadows," but that a positive message has also emerged from the findings.

"Family makes a big difference," said co-author and UBC Prof. Elizabeth Saewyc. "When parents talk with kids about their values and goals and when they model healthy romantic relationships, this does influence their own kids' sexual decision-making."

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/life/Teens+still+trade+drugs+booze/7028566/story.html#ixzz23Bovx5DS

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The Ranch at Dove Tree

I know these people and this is one of the few treatment centers for young people that I endorse.  One of the great things at Dove Tree is their emphasis on education and their direct help to get young people into college. If you have a young person in need of treatment or after care, I encourage you to check this out.

The Ranch at Dove Tree: "Collegiate Program
We understand the devastating effects of addiction on young people and their families.  We also understand the resiliency of young adults and believe in their ability to get their lives back on track.  The Ranch at Dove Tree is committed to helping our clients achieve lifelong recovery while re-establishing their hopes and dreams that got lost to the disease of addiction.

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Random student drug tests work, Churchie says

Interesting report on radom drug testing:
Random student drug tests work, Churchie says: "''So we have had a policy in the school for a number of years that we can put a student on random drug testing at any time that we see fit in consultation with the family.
''If we have concerns about a boy we will consult with the family and agree to go on a random drug testing program.''
Mr Hensman said the school took a ''zero tolerance'' approach to drugs and if a student tested positive they were immediately expelled.
Students who enrolled in Churchie and had been expelled from another school for drug use were put on a contract which could include random drug tests.

''If we hear through the grapevine a student is involved in drugs and we have no proof of that, we will enter into a relationship with the family of what's in the best interests of the student and one of the outcomes could be random drug testing,'' he said."

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