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One parent warns others of synthetic drugs

More about bath salts. here is a parent warning YOU abouat the dangers--take note, go read the article and let us know what you think!

One parent warns others of synthetic drugs - KFVS12 News & Weather Cape Girardeau, Carbondale, Poplar Bluff: "When you hear someone is using synthetic drugs, like bath salts, what kind of person do you picture? One dad said it could be your child.
"Where to start," said John Payne.
It's not something people like to talk about, which is exactly why Payne wants to chat.
"If people don't know about it, then nothing's going to change," said Payne.
He can attest to the synthetic drug problem in the area first hand.
"My son was a user," said Payne.
Payne said his son was an angel of a child until he started doing drugs. He said the synthetic drugs like bath salts are enticing because they're cheap and easy to get."

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InDepth: Abuse of elders: The most vulnerable victims | INFORUM | Fargo, ND

any kind of abuse is sickening--at Respect-me rules, we believe that you can only be abused to the degree that you allows others to treat you badly--they can't abuse you if you put a stop to it--however, that does not go for those dependent onus--such as children and the elderly--they can't so easily stop it...if you know of it, please do something to put a stop to it--start by reading this:

InDepth: Abuse of elders: The most vulnerable victims | INFORUM | Fargo, ND: "Yet, the elderly often are unwilling or unable to admit such abuse.

They’re embarrassed or fear losing their caregiver. They’re from a generation that doesn’t recognize that domestic abuse could happen to them. They think it happens only to young women, says Shelly Carlson, coordinator of Clay County’s Elder Abuse Project."

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The Drug That Never Lets Go

Speaking of "bullet proof"--here are some more dangerous drugs out on the streets today--bath salts--(that's just a nic name, you don't have to hide the Epson.) This is a bizarre new drug--while you are reading the one abut kidney failure, also read this article to your least if they know there is danger--some of them may be less likely to glorify taking unknown substances...  so read both the articles to your teens at the next family meeting or get together.

The Drug That Never Lets Go: "The suicide was the culmination of five days of strange behavior that began shortly after Sanders snorted a powdery substance he bought from a friend. Instead of the brief high he was seeking, he experienced days of insomnia, along with waves of terror and frightening delusions, including an incident where he “saw” 25 police cars outside his parents' kitchen window and then slit his own throat with a butcher knife. That incident landed Sanders in the hospital with stitches. For a few hours, the hallucinations subsided."

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Teens in Northwest Develop Kidney Failure From Synthetic Marijuana | The Partnership at

You know, kids think they are bullet proof and it will never happen to them. Now here are 5 young men (teens) who have kidney failure from doing drugs--they not even be addicted--maybe they only did it "this once".  In any case, it is sad--if you have teens, please have them read this at your next family meeting:
Teens in Northwest Develop Kidney Failure From Synthetic Marijuana | The Partnership at "Six young men—five of them teenagers—developed kidney failure after using synthetic marijuana in recent months, health officials in Oregon and Washington report.
The cases have occurred since May. All of the young men were hospitalized, "

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