Thursday, October 2, 2014

Drug use can be hidden in plain sight, parents told

Yep--we're rasing really really clever we must stay ontop of it. Is nayone surprised? You always thought your kid was the birghtest!

Drug use can be hidden in plain sight, parents told - Alliance Review | Stark, Portage & Mahoning, OH: " "Hidden in Plain Sight" that was complete with an exhibit showing all the new equipment on the market now that teens can use to "dupe" their parents and other caregivers. Everything from fake lipstick tubes that are actually pipes used to smoke "dope" to fake Dasani water bottles that unscrew to get to a secret compartment were covered."

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  1. You may NEVER know what your child has in their body as far as elicit drugs are concerned unless you test them. It is your duty as a parent. Both my partner and I have children and have created for the purpose of helping parents make sure their children or "teens" are not using. We supply information on how to test, when to test and the best prices on the Internet on Drug Testing Supplies. There is only 1 way to know for sure!


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