Sunday, January 12, 2014

Adolescent addiction: When pornography strikes early

When prone to one addiction we are often prone to other addictions--if you child is addiction to drugs, look for other more hidden additions. Its better to address the whole syndrome at once--do they look at pron--do they play computer game obsessively? Are they gambling? Make sure you keep your mind open to other problem areas that are prone to addiction...

Here's a young one from Utah...He could be yours
Adolescent addiction: When pornography strikes early | Deseret News: "He'd been looking for remote-controlled cars and found a cool YouTube video showing one making a huge jump.
He watched it repeatedly on his home computer, trying to ignore the sketchy video suggestions popping up on the side. But when his friend showed him the pornographic website those sketchy videos brought up, he was instantly hooked.
"At that moment, I wanted more," said the 18-year-old Justin, which is not his real name. "I looked up more. It was a constant need. I had no idea what it was. I was never happy with what I found. Even if it met my sexual preference, it didn't make me happy. I (just started) clicking and clicking and clicking and never stopped.""

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