Test Kits Given To Parents Who Suspect Kids' Drug Use |

People see drug testing your kids as controversial but I agree with it. Kids are not "little" adults--they are dependent on their parents and as long they are dependent, they should live with rules. I applaud parents for taking this step when necessary--read what others think:
Test Kits Given To Parents Who Suspect Kids' Drug Use | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News: "Massena Police Chief Timmy Currier admits providing drug testing kits to parents if they suspect their kids are using drugs is a controversial step, but it can also be a tool for preventing drug abuse.
"I think in the end, we're trying to protect children," Currier said.
"We all know that kids -- adolescents, teenagers -- they don't make the best decisions all the time," he said. "Sometimes, even the best of kids make bad decisions.""

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Family works to open drug rehab facility in E. Ky.

Talk about dedication, not unusual for families that lose loved ones to addiction.--I just wanted to share this inspiring story--I hope we get a chance to help this family and I hope they get it open soon...
SHARPSBURG, Ky.: Family works to open drug rehab facility in E. Ky. | National | The News Tribune: "SHARPSBURG, KY. — A family in eastern Kentucky is working to turn an old school into a drug rehabilitation facility for women.
Erica Williams told WYMT-TV (http://bit.ly/1gYXZP2) that the facility in Bath County is in honor of her sister, Michele Williams, who died last year of a drug overdose.
"We've been wanting to think of something to try to help other women in that same scenario. That way, families wouldn't have to go through what we've been through," she said.
She says her family plans to turn the former Bethel Elementary school into the Michelle Williams Life Skills Academy, a 12-step drug recovery program."

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A crystal Meth Christmas Tree?

I usually don't recommend that parents "learn" the latest drug slang in order to talk to their kids about drugs--in fact, I ask them to ask their kids--the language changes that fast. In addition, if you talk to your kids and try to use their slang, you generally just discredit yourself.

This year (maybe the last few years) there is one you should listen for. Methamphetamine is sometimes called "Christmas Tree."  So don't think about that tree is innocent--maybe not. Anyway, this is a good reference site.

What You Need to Know About Drugs: Methamphetamines: "Methamphetamines (say: meth-am-fet-uh-meenz) are stimulants. Stimulants are a type of drug that speed up your brain. They are produced as pills, powders, or chunky crystals called ice."

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Talking to your tween about substance abuse

Finally--a great article about when to address your child about drug use and it is written by Moms! Very very good advice--they have three tips in the article and discuss them thoroughly:
1. don't scare them
2. avoid lecturing
3. talk about peer pressure
Picture linked from Charlotteobserver.com

I suspect that one of these Charlotte Moms is in recovery--simply because this is a common sense article. I don't need to restate what they wrote--you can read it yourself. If you have a "tween" I think this is a must read!

Talking to your tween about substance abuse | MomsCharlotte.com: "Believe it or not, it is never too soon to speak with your children regarding alcohol or drug use.
You may have noticed that kids these days are more mature and less innocent than perhaps you were at their age. We can thank the Internet for this and the era of cell phone, text messages and Facebook"

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How to Become an Oldtimer: Don't Drink and Don't Die-Kindle Store

Day By Day's Latest book is out on Kindle.Written by an old-timer in sobriety--it is a look at the basic wisdom in recovery. Think about getting it for your "babies" or for your sponsor. They don't have a Kindle? No problem, download them a free reader from Amazon for their computer.

How to become an Old-Timer; Don't Drink and Don't Die!

: "A Politically incorrect look at recovery from an old hippie turned Old-timer

In the 12 Step programs we need newcomers to tell us where we came from and Old-timers to remind us of how it works as we trudge that road of happy destiny. It's called "carrying the message." If you've been around the program for even a few months you will already have been told many myths about meetings, sponsors, the opposite sex and our sole purpose. You have questions? This Old-timer has some answers. "

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10 Tips to Prevent Teen Drug/Substance Abuse | Helping Kids Succeed - Yahoo Shine

I was looking for something else and found this article about 10 tips to prevent drug abuse in your kid. Sigh. Most of the 'advice" is just common sense as if all you parents are dopes. "have a conversation not a confrontation..." kind of stuff. "communication is the key.." No its not. Kids aren't communicating with you, they are communicating with their friends and if their friends are doing drugs, you can talk til you are blue in the face and it won't make a wits worth of difference to a kid hanging out with druggies.

They also have you download and sign a contract with your child...we all know that contracts are made to be broken. Any contract is going to insure your child will do what you ask them not to. A family drug policy (as outlined in Sober Coaching Your Teen, Workbook: Managing a drug crisis with your out-of-control Teen)
is the only written agreement that has a chance of making a difference.
Go read the article yourself and ask yourself what might work or what is just fluff to make you thin you are doing something that works. The only "tip" I would say is a good one is number 4:
4. Don't be a parent in denial. There is no teenager that is immune to drug abuse. No matter how smart your teen is, or athletic they are, they are at risk if they start using. I firmly believe that keeping your teen constructively busy, whether it is with sports, music or other hobbies they have, you will be less at risk for them to want to experiment. However don't be in the dark thinking that your teen is pulling a 4.0 GPA and on the varsity football that they couldn't be dragged down by peer pressure. Go back to number one - talk, talk, talk - remind your teen how proud you are of them, and let them know that you are always available if they feel they are being pressured to do or try something they don't want to.

10 Tips to Prevent Teen Drug/Substance Abuse | Helping Kids Succeed - Yahoo Shine:

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Celebrate #GivingTuesday

After the insanity of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the upcoming Broke Wednesday--we need a break. The United Nations foundation started a great counter to this--called Giving Tuesday.

Although those in recovery are already known for being particularly giving, its nice to see a day set aside for this amid the holiday commercialism. Take a minute to read this and ask yourself what your "community giving" is this season. If you don't have money, then think about volunteering your time. Many kitchens for the less fortunate may need your help. Or become the bell ringer in front of the Big Box stores. Don't let this season go by without giving back to your community--

Whatever your family trouble now--serving others will always bring good back to you. Read about Giving Tuesday" here.
Celebrate #GivingTuesday | The White House: "#GivingTuesday builds on the American tradition of giving back but uses technology to give this greater impact. This commemoration does not seek to coordinate funds toward any particular nonprofit or to direct volunteers to support a specific cause. Instead, #GivingTuesday is intended to encourage Americans to reflect and give back. It’s a collective moment for individual and community action."

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Natural High Natural High – A Drug Prevention Program Inspiring and Helping Youth

This is a site I just discovered aimed at helping kids find their "natural high" as opposed to using and abusing drugs. Probably won't have much of an impact on the action brain chemistry disorder of addiction--but it can make a dent in simple abuse. I don't know though. I think of when I used in high school--I would not have gone to a site like this--I would have thought it lame.

I remember when AA came out with a comic book (sooo long ago) to help kids understand AA and help them into sobriety. All of us young people thought it such a joke--if given the comic book, a teenager in trouble with drugs was more likely to use it roll a joint then to read it. A teens job is to break away from adults and find their own independence, so trying to help them when their "job" is to break away from us is problematic.

I doubt this site would help teens, but I believe it would help pre teens because they want to be older. So material designed for older kids is gobbled up by younger ones. Weird how it works. So this site probably won't help who it was intended to do but it will help the younger ones.

Natural High Natural High – A Drug Prevention Program Inspiring and Helping Youth:

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Man dies after accidentally drinking £34,000 of crystal meth thinking it was a HEALTH DRINK | Mail Online

Here is a sad story about drugs gone wrong--I feel sorry for the daughter here. However, some people think she was murdering her father and the story is suspicious. Others think the media are dolts for blaming this on the series "Breaking Bad." To me, the most interesting part of the story are the comments after the story. Read the story below, but most important, read the comments--incredible!
Man dies after accidentally drinking £34,000 of crystal meth thinking it was a HEALTH DRINK | Mail Online: "A man has died after drinking a massive overdose of liquid crystal meth after mistaking it for a health drink.
Romano Dias, 55, had been given a bottle of what appeared to be a fruit-based drink by his daughter Katee, who had found it in a package delivered to her home.
After downing about half a glass of the liquid he immediately began to feel ill and died shortly afterwards.
Police say that finding the drug in the UK is very unusual, but crystal meth has been brought to the public's attention by the multi award-winning TV show Breaking Bad."

and here's a smattering of the comments--there are over 300! But gives one insight into how people think about drugs.

As for Breaking Bad bringing it to the UK's consciousness, you do know that Breaking Bad was on for 5 years don't you? Think something would have happened before this, that is for sure.

Cute. The police don't know what's obviously going on And the media does a comedy writeup on a TV show to help them cover up their ignorance.
Who in their right mind would drink something delivered to their home addressed to someone else???
Agatha Christie would have been proud.
 The tv program isn't glamourising this drug!! Infact it does exactly what it should be doing!! It shows meth addicts as dirty hollow faced druggies who would steal from their own kids to get a fix. Don't glamourise the "euphoric high" instead show pictures of addicts and what it really does to your body!! It eats your flesh away!!! Disgusting!!! Say no!!!!!!!

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5 myths about alcoholics - Per Wickstrom

This is a great article--and Mr Wickstrom does address the common myths about alcoholism. the Five myths he explains in detail are:
Myth #1: “Alcohol is not as addictive as cocaine, heroin, and other drugs.”
Myth #2: “Alcohol doesn’t kill like other drugs.”
Myth #3: “It’s relatively safe to drink while using prescription drugs.”
Myth #4: “The only rehabilitation that works for alcoholics is the Twelve Step (Alcoholics Anonymous) program.”
Myth #5: “You can always tell when someone is an alcoholic.”

If you still belive any of the above, please go to his sucess Site and read this article to find out why it is a myth.

For parents, there are a few more myths that need to be broken:

Myth # 6: If your child is a drug addict, you didn't raise them  in a healthy environment.
Myth # 7: Your addicted child should be treated in a teen center so he or she can relate.
Myth # 8: If your child is still an adolescent they are not really an addict--they are too young to really tell.
Myth # 9: AA is not a good place for you recovering child as their are sexual predators there.

Chew on those for a while-- if you believe any of them, go to Sober Coaching Your Teen and find out why they are myths...
5 myths about alcoholics - Per Wickstrom: "Alcoholism affects the young, the old, the skid row bum, the housewife, the burnt out salesman, the struggling artist, and the corporate CEO – no strata of life is exempt. As earlier stated, in order to address alcoholism, it is often necessary to design a program specifically tailored to each person. Treat people as individuals, and assist them in dealing with their individual problems connected with alcohol and drug abuse."

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Daughter's Heroin Habit Moves Lawmaker To Sponsor Good Samaritan Law

I love good Samaritan laws--I first learned of them when I went to get my CPR--that you could not be sued if you tried to help and the person died. Actually many people were sued for someone ding when they tried to help until the Good Samaritan laws made it into the law books.

Now a lawmaker in Wisconsin is trying to get these laws for drug addicts--or just those who overdose--can you imagine being at a party, one that is hosting illegal substances? Maybe you aren't even using them, but you know others are. You find a person who is obviously overdosed, you want to help, but coffee and a cold shower are not going to save this person. If you call an ambulance, the police come and you may be charged along with the rest of the guests. If you put them in your car and speed to the hospital, maybe they die in your car and you will go to jail.

What do you do? It's a valid question and one your kids might face more often than you know.

We need to support Good Samaritan Laws where and when we can. Read about this one here:
Daughter's Heroin Habit Moves Wisconsin Lawmaker To Sponsor Good Samaritan Law: "Two of the policies he's pushing are somewhat controversial. The first would offer limited immunity for people who call 911 or bring overdose patients to an emergency room. The sensible theory behind the policy is that people are reluctant to report overdoses if doing so could subject them to criminal charges. The other would expand those with access to Narcan, a medication that reverses the effects of an overdose."

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Officials fighting drug crisis--heroin in a heartbeat

Here we go again talking about the prescription pills in your cabinet. Anyone who gets pain meds and decides they really like it--when the prescription is cut off, what does the patient look for? They usually look for more meds in the same category--people who really like oxycodone will go for heroin in a heartbeat. Over prescribing is a real problem--but so is leaving them in your medicine cabinet. If kids want drugs, they go after what they can find at home first--then often try to get a prescription for "pain." Girls get cramps, boys pull muscles--depending on who your doctor is, doctors can be the next best medicine cabinet around. Read the story below and stay aware of what your kid takes!

Officials fighting drug crisis - Watertown Daily Times Online : News: ""We are looking at this as a heroin problem, but it really is an opioid problem. They all cause the same withdrawal. They can all be used to stop the withdrawal," Klomberg said. "They will use oxycodone for a long time, but then can't get it and then they switch to whatever they can get their hands on. They are really interchangeable and we shouldn't focus exclusively on heroin."
Overprescribing pain medication is something that doctors across the area struggle with, Meade said. He added it is incredibly hard for a doctor to look a patient in the eye and tell them they are lying when they say they are in pain."

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Faces of drug abuse: » Parents reach out

I hate when I hear of parents who lose their kids to prescription drugs--well, we all hate it, I'm sure. But Prescription drugs is the single greatest way kids abuse drugs--they steal them from your medicine cabinet--just like I used to. It's so frickin easy--and we parents just don't monitor like we should--we don't want to believe our kids would rip us off--but they do. read this story below about a two parents who lost their kids--and what they are doing about it. Share on facebook please.
Faces of drug abuse: » Local News » The Morehead News: "To most, Michael Donta and Sarah Shay are statistics, two among thousands who die from prescription drug overdoses each year.
To their parents, they were life, their dreams and the future and their absence leaves holes in their hearts that won’t be healed short of their own deaths."

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Back to school, back to drugs? Five things parents need to know |

I never thought of it this way--back to school and back to drugs--we know the influences and this is a good article from Fox--but remember, no blaming the other kids--water seeks its own level and kids find their own devils. Be aware but don't blame others for the choices your kid makes...

Back to school, back to drugs? Five things parents need to know | Fox News: "As kids across the country are getting back into their routines with the start of the new school year, not everyone’s focus will be on class schedules and new teachers.  One of the most common – and potentially fatal – threats to our youth today is the pervasive peer pressure to use illicit drugs."

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Colleges Failing at Curbing Binge Drinking

Colleges Failing at Curbing Binge Drinking: "If you are sending children off to college this year you may not find much comfort in the fact that most colleges are failing miserably in trying to curtail dangerous binge drinking on campus and in their communities. In fact, many colleges and universities do not even know what works and what doesn't in preventing binge drinking."

When kids go away to college, it often is the start of some mean drinking and drugging...they sow their oats. but if the kids were like me...I didn't make it to college in the first place my drinking had already taken over. However, many young adults do start their drinking careers in college and parents have to be aware.

The main thing for parents whose kids do get to college--the biggest obstacle to knowing when your kid has a drinking or drug problem is  what you chose to believe. that;s right you. Many times counselors neighbors, even kids friends try to tell parents and they don't want to believe it--so if someone is trying to tell you your son or daughter may be drinking too much, LISTEN. Don't make excuses or think they are "jealous" or whatever we tell ourselves--listen to what others say even if you don't want to believe it, even if it shocks you. If a person in your son or daughters life has gotten up the courage to tell you your kid might have a drinking or drug problem you know it is difficult for them---listen.

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Mike Tyson says he’s ‘on the verge of dying,’ opens up about drug problems | SI Wire

Mike Tyson says he’s ‘on the verge of dying,’ opens up about drug problems | SI Wire: "Mike Tyson says he’s ‘on the verge of dying,’ opens up about drug problems"

This is soooo sad. but very typical of addiction. I hope he has sober coaching support!
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Children Are Still Easily Getting their Hands on Prescription Drugs : Drugs/Therapy : Counsel & Heal

When I was a teen in the sixties (yikes, yes, I was a hippie!) my crowd made it a game to see who could pilfer  the most pills from their parent's medicine cabinet and not get caught--just like taking a whiskey bottle and pouring out the booze and adding water-- I don't remember one of us ever getting caught. Of course I was high a lot of the time and maybe a kid or two did get caught, I may not have known. The point is that kids have been getting drugs for a long time and they don't have to be illegal street drugs. We took diet pills (my favorite), Librium, and meds for ADHD.  Now we have the pain meds that are so very dangerous--and most of the time, you as a parent don't know what is missing from the medicine cabinet.

Read this article below, stay informed and please don't think, NOT MT KID. Because yes, it could be yours.

Children Are Still Easily Getting their Hands on Prescription Drugs : Drugs/Therapy : Counsel & Heal: "The researchers discovered that three out of four teenagers reported that they were prescribed medications within the past six months. They also stated that they took their medications without being supervised. The fact that 75 percent of children are taking their prescription drugs without any parental supervision is alarming."

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ADHD Medication: Does Taking Meds for Attention Deficit Lead to Substance Abuse?

this is a valid question and one that should be taken seriously if you are considering putting you kids on drugs for adhd--I have been told that if they really need it, it won't hurt them. But I tend to think that is a myth and here's why. Addiction is a brain chemistry disorder. You can be born with the disorder or you can acquire it by abusing drugs. And there is not just one kind of addiction--But if you are the kind of addict I am, taking any mind affecting chemical is dangerous. Read the article below and consider your options carefully, especially if addiction or alcoholism run in your fmaily.
ADHD Medication: Does Taking Meds for Attention Deficit Lead to Substance Abuse?: "Among the many medication questions that parents ask — and worry about — is "Will ADHD meds increase my child’s risk for substance abuse?" Up until last month, the answer was absolutely not. In fact, taking ADHD medication, studies showed, actually lowered the risk of substance abuse by almost 50 percent."

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iPhone app helps parents talk to their kids about drugs

Meeting kids where they live in order to a talk about drugs is a great idea. Below is an article about using an iPhone app for talking to your kids about drugs. What better thing could you use? I hope they have text messages that you send to your kids letting them know you are there in their life even if you are not there. In fact, I think I'll text my girl right now!

iPhone app helps parents talk to their kids about drugs - Holland, MI - The Holland Sentinel: "The Talk Sooner iPhone app gives families information about drug trends and tips for talking to teens about drug abuse. The informational tool stems from a partnership between the Lakeshore Coordinating and Ottawa, Allegan, Barry, Berrien, Kent and Muskegon counties"

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You Docs: Kids take cues from parents on drug use | Wichita Eagle

 Talk to your kids about drugs and drug use. What you say matters. We know from research that that kids in treatment have a better recovery rate if their parents are in a 12 step program. Whether you know it or not, kids do notice. You can can't prevent their disease, but you can influence how fast they find recovery--set your home rules, let your kids know what you think..and be consistent. Read about the latest research here:
You Docs: Kids take cues from parents on drug use | Wichita Eagle: The list of movies aimed at kids that show (supposedly) lovable stars who use drugs is long and well-known: There’s “Cheech and Chong,” “Harold & Kumar” and the entire “Hangover” series (including the tiger – don’t ask). Helping teens stay away from recreational drugs is a big job and one that, unfortunately, some parents don’t feel they’re up to or don’t feel they have the clout to make a difference. That’s info from a new survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration after talking with more than 67,000 Americans over the age of 12.

The upshot: 22 percent of parents don’t think what they say about drug use will change how their children act. But research shows that nothing could be further from the truth. Among kids who feel their parents strongly disapprove of marijuana use, only 5 percent are willing to risk it; but more than 30 percent of kids whose parents don’t make their anti-drug message clear are willing to experiment with pot. Mom and Dad, you are the health guides in all areas — from drugs to doughnuts to sleep.

Protecting local kids from their parents’ pills

I almost had to laugh when I read the headline for this article "Advocacy group, Shoppers Drug Mart battle a growing problem" as if--come on, this is new growing problem! I remember in high school (the 60's) how we used to go through our friends parents bathroom cabinets for diet pills. The parents seldom caught on. OK, we should think about this the same way we think of our booze, but its not new. If kids really really want to drink and do drugs, they will hang out with kids that drink and do drugs and they will find a way. 

Its like they say about thieves--locks on doors keeps the honest people out, not the thieves. Its a good idea to "hide" the pills to stop the experimenter -but that hardly will stop the determined kid and it definitely will not stop the addicted kid!

Protecting local kids from their parents’ pills: "While drugs and alcohol use among teenagers has always been a concern, the fastest growing trend is the abuse of prescription drugs, explained Marc Paris, executive director of Partnership for a Drug Free Canada.
One in five teenagers has used prescription drugs for recreational use, said Paris, often during what he described as “pill parties”. "
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Parents aren't talking to their children about substance abuse | KSBY.com | San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Paso Robles

Although I believe that it is vitally important to talk to our children about the inherent dangers of alcohol and drug abuse--and stupid choices that kids make when they are in the "bullet proof" phase of their teen years...I never want to give the impression that parents can prevent addiction--certainly they can help prevent theem making the stupid choices, and maybe they can help prevent impaired driving by staying alert and on top of things. but do not forget that addiction (including alcoholism) is a disease--a real disease.

I would love to say that having meals 4 times a week with your kids would prevent addiction, but it won't. So do what you can to help your kids grow up but never forget that with addiction, you can cure it and you can't control it...Here the article that spurred this blog:
Parents aren't talking to their children about substance abuse | KSBY.com | San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Paso Robles: "Many parents aren't talking to their kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.
A new report from the government's substance abuse and mental health services administration finds nearly one in 10 parents didn't discuss smoking, drinking, or drug abuse with their teenagers during the past year."

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Not My Kid: Most Parents Unaware Teen Is Using Study Drugs - Yahoo! News

It is so true that many parents do not know their kids are doing drugs...I wrote a book years ago for the parent to help stop drug use--but by the time parents knew they needed to read the book, it was too late! It is very rough to get a parent to recognize they are head for drug hell with their kid--but the first and BEST way to see a problem coming your way, is when a parent of another kid tells you--yes, most parents are warned first.  By other parents that they put down in conversations with their spouses..because they can't/won't hear it. So they ridicule tha parent who tells them their child is using. I've seen it so many times. My advice, if a parent of your friends tells you your child is using...even if that person is a crumb bum...stupid, raising their kids wrong..listen. with both ears. In the meantime, read this:

Not My Kid: Most Parents Unaware Teen Is Using Study Drugs - Yahoo! News: "In the poll, just 1 percent of parents said their teenage children had taken drugs such as Adderall or Ritalin without a prescription.
That is much lower than the percentage of teens that surveys suggest are using the drugs. For example, a 2012 study of high schoolers found that about 10 percent of sophomores and 12 percent of seniors said they had used the drugs without a prescription."

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Comic books and staying off Drugs

I am not a big proponent about giving teenagers comic books to help them "understand" different topics. When AA came out with a comic book for the young people getting sober, we used to laugh and say the pages were good to roll a joint in! Typically, teens will laugh out loud when you try to give them a comic book regarding lessons they need to learn. No, the do not take it seriously. You reach teens in other ways.

That being said, comic books do work great for others, namely Preteens! Yes, the material you wanted to reach the teen with  probably won't work for them but it will work for their younger brother or sister. Kids respond and emulate kids just a bit older than them. So if you want to help your adolescent with a comic book. DON'T. But use that to help the younger sibling. Here's a good place to start:

comic-choosing-rolemodels | Drug Facts 4 Young People:

here's teh app for this: https://itunes.apple.com/app/drug-facts-for-young-people/id381333205?mt=8

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Recovery Radio Show: What is rational Recovery?

I am a firm supporter of the recovery radio stations and I encourage any new members or treatment centers to make Saturday nite an infotainment night by popping the corn and listening to :Been there Done Tat" Radio Show. This weeks show is about rational Recovery--a hot topic among 12 steppers...take a peek:

Been There Done That Talk Recovery Radio Show: "Exploring the Diversity of 12 step programs and Rational Recovery you do not want to miss this enlightening show that will explore two very different paths to recovery this topic is one to clearly stir the pot on tonight’s show. People are very territorial when it comes to how they got sober, or what kind of support they received and from where they got that support. This territorialism goes right down to the treatment center they attended or therapist that worked with them or we become best of friends with those we have recovered with. A very strong sense of community develops. This is a controversial topic. The 12 step program believes that addiction/alcoholism is a disease and Rational Recovery believes that it is not."

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Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Jumps 33%

Parents--watch your medicine cabinet. You know, when I was a kid--I was a straight A student--was
seldom in trouble -worked--and stole meds form my friends parents medicine cabinets...keep your eyes open--it is such an easy target.
Prescription Drug Abuse Jumps 33%: "The prescription drug abuse epidemic in the United States has begun to affect our children as a new national survey shows a 33% increase in prescription drug use by teens since 2008. Unfortunately, the experts say, parents may be playing a role in their teens' attitude about the non-medical use of prescription medication.
Parents can take a more proactive role in preventing teen drug abuse, health officials said.
The latest The Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (PATS) released by The Partnership at Drugfree.org shows that one in four teens admit to misusing or abusing a prescription drug at least once in their lifetimes. That is an increase of 33% over the past five years."

Shelly is a guest tonight on "Been there done that" Radio Show

Published Author and speaker, Shelly Marshall will be our guest on Saturday night, May 4th to discuss her topic of K.I.S.S. (Keeping It Simple Sober)

Shelly Marshall has dedicated her life to working with young addicts and their families in recovery. As a Hazelden author, her books Day by Day, and Young, Sober, & Free are recovery classics. Her subsequent works like the Pocket Sponsor (the only 24/7 recovery support book) and Sitting in Pictures, (vision meditations for recovery) are classic recovery at its best. Sober Coaching your Toxic Teen, is a workbook teaching parents how to stop enabling and give real support to their teen in recovery. Marshall’s research has been published in five peer-reviewed, refereed professional/scholarly journals, making her world-recognized as an advocate and activist for clean and sober young people. Her contributions have been, and continue to be, significant as a Hazelden author, as an international trainer and keynote speaker, a published researcher, and even as a small successful publisher.

Join us on at the Been There Done That Show on Saturday 5-4-13 at our website www.beentheredonethatshow.com below click on the listen now button and join our show online Our Guest host is Shelly Marshall publish author of the Day by Day meditation book, and the Pocket Sponsor. Our Show topic KISS Keeping it Simple in the first 30 days a very important show talking to the issues of sponsorship and the newcomer you do not want to miss this show call in at (646) 200-0112 or 435-673-5890 with questions or comments for our host.

Marketing drinking flasks in pill bottles--same on Urban outfitters

Apparently Urban Outfitters thinks it is OK to try to market flasks to people in the great outdoors by using pill bottles--Say what? It reminds me of my childhood when candy makers had candy cigarettes to encourage children to smoke! Come on Urban Outfitters--what are you thinking?

Read about it here:

Urban Outfitters, popular with teens, is currently selling pint glassesflasks and shot glasses made to look like prescription pill bottles. These products make light of prescription drug misuse and abuse, a dangerous behavior that is responsible for more deaths in the United States each year than heroin and cocaine combined. Medicine abuse has increased 33 percent over the past five years with one in four teens having misused or abused a prescription drug in their lifetime. Combined with alcohol, the misuse and abuse of prescription medications can be especially dangerous, making the Urban Outfitter Rx pint and shot glasses and flasks even more disturbing.

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Drug Presentation has Muskego Parents Organizing to Prevent Abuse - Muskego, WI Patch

The Muskego Police Department gave a drug awareness presentation for parents and they had a few very interesting tidbits about recognizing drug abuse in their young'ns--its worth reading about. After you read this, click through and read all their other insights.  

Drug Presentation has Muskego Parents Organizing to Prevent Abuse - Muskego, WI Patch: "Likewise he told parents that a sudden increase in apple consumption can be an indication of marijuana use.
"Kids use 'apple bongs' to smoke the drug, but it also helps mask the smell, and if they need to get rid of it in a hurry, they can just throw the apple in their garbage, or of course eat it," he added"

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Teen Addicts | INTERVENE: A Community for Parents

Although I support a well run boot camp for kids, some think they are too strict--even abusive. It's always best to read about both sides--this is the other side and they make some good points. I still would consider it because many times kids need a firm hand and clear guidance and not coddling.
Teen Addicts | INTERVENE: A Community for Parents: "We suggest that if you are seriously considering a boot camp or wilderness program, you check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against the program. You should also call the program and ask a lot of questions, including:
1) What specific substance abuse and mental health licensing and accreditation does the program have? (If the providers are not licensed, do NOT send your child to the program.)
2) Has a child in the care of the program ever died, and if so, why?
3) What specific training (particularly survival skills training for outdoor programs) do the counselors have?
4) Have there have been any complaints of abuse or neglect at the camp?
5) Can you put me in touch with a few families that have a child who have completed the program so that I can hear about their experience?"

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Easter eggs with drugs inside recalled by Alabama church

Easter eggs with drugs inside recalled by Alabama church: "

Sorry, kids, all those candy-filled Easter eggs you hunted down over the weekend will have to be returned to the church. At least, they will if you live in Daphne, Ala., where officials at the Christ the King Catholic Church say a volunteer was storing his medication in the plastic eggs, and somehow mixed his stash up with the kiddie treats. Yup"

that's what drugs does to your brains. We have more prescription addicts in the US now than ever before. Geeze--not even Easter is sacred!

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Test Welfare Applicants for Drugs Advance

I believe that when your reward behavior, you get more of it. This is nothing new--studys show this to be true from the time of Pavlov's dogs. My brother once asked me what we could possibly do to control the illegals coming into this country. I said, simple--stop rewarding them. You don't need to pass more boarder laws or go after people or get mean, you simply have to stop all their services and things would look a whole lot different. It's like parents who continue to "fix" everything their child messes up--they take away all consequences for their bad behavior and kids have no incentive to stop their bad behavior.

Same with druggies on welfare--if you take care of them and feed them and give them medical attention, they have no reason to stop taking drugs. It's such a simple concept. In any case, Texas is addressing this issue--tehy are looking at all sides and hopefully they will come up with a compromise law that stops rewarding the druggie parents but still takes care of the children dependent on them....

Measures to Test Welfare Applicants for Drugs Advance in Texas, Kansas | The Partnership at Drugfree.org: "Bills that would require drug testing for welfare applicants advanced in Texas and Kansas this week.
In Texas a bill that would have resulted in children permanently losing benefits based on a third failed drug test by a parent was amended. The bill’s author accepted changes to ensure children would continue to receive benefits while their parents are in rehabilitation programs, the Austin American-Statesman reports."

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Idaho politician recounts loss of son to addiction - SFGate

Please read this story of Dennis Mansfield and how he lost his son to addiction. It's important for a variety of reasons, mainly because "good parenting" is not the solution to addiction. Good parenting is the solution to a lot of things, but not addiction  Saying "good parenting" will cure or prevent addiction is like saying good parenting will prevent an allergy--you can keep them away from the substance for as long as you can lock them up--in the real world, you can not prevent allergies... you can teach and train and hope they hear you...Anyway, worth reading this man's story:

Idaho politician recounts loss of son to addiction - SFGate: "NAMPA, Idaho (AP) — Dennis Mansfield had all answers. The God-fearing man knew how to parent. He was in control of everything. He was the voice of Idaho's religious right. He was arrogant. He was selective in choosing his friends . he was political.

Today, Dennis Mansfield is a broken man, "loved by unloved people," and he's poured out his heart in a very personal book entitled "Beautiful Nate."

"I've learned I don't have all the answers. . My past bravado in posing and pretending may have looked good, but it was not good."

The Dennis Mansfield known as a lobbyist and a politician is a different man today.

He met the Idaho Press-Tribune for hot chocolate at the Flying M in Nampa recently to talk about his book.

Mansfield has relived his son's March 11, 2009, death again and again . as he wrote it, as he read it in a recording studio for the audio version and yet again as he talks about the book that was released March 4.

But it's not just a story about his 27-year-old son, Nathan Dennis Mansfield. It's about someone who is reading it and his or her own vulnerabilities."

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Texas Tech University :: College of Human Sciences :: CSAR :: Collegiate Recovery Conference

Texas Tech University :: College of Human Sciences :: CSAR :: Collegiate Recovery Conference: "Last day to register – March 22, 2013, 5:00 p.m."

Guest post by Daniel Krasner

I just wanted to touch base and remind you of the upcoming conference at Texas Tech University, The National Collegiate Recovery Conference, which is being held from April 3rd through 5th. I have provided a link for the conference below.

The Ranch at Dove Tree is in Collaboration with Texas Tech and The Center for The Study of Addiction and Recovery.  If you are coming to the conference please contact me so I can arrange for you to go on a tour of The Ranch at Dove Tree.



Daniel Krasner
Clinical Solutions Provider
cell: 601.906.9024 l intake: 800.218.6727 
 site: www.ranchatdovetree.com
 site: www.ranch2300.com

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Partnership at Drugfree.org Collaborates With Former NBA Basketball Player, Chris Mullin

I like it when Members out in the public give their time and energy to help with addiction recovery  Kudos to Chris Mullen:

New York, NY, March, 7, 2013 – The Partnership at Drugfree.org, a national nonprofit helping parents solve the problem of teen drug and alcohol abuse, is partnering with former professional basketball player, father and ESPN sports analyst, Chris Mullin. He will be the featured guest on the next “Meet The Parents Hour,” a popular, live Facebook chat and Q&A session taking place onThursday, March 14 at 12 p.m. EST/9 a.m. PS

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Government Takeover of 12 Step Programs--coming soon

I have long been a member and supporter of Faces & Voices of Recovery--their main message when they began was to get the faces of people in recovery out into the open so the general public could KNOW we do recover. This was in contrast to the "anonymous" programs that keep members in the shadows by their tradition of staying anonymous at the level of press radio and film. I am in recovery and although I publicly state I am in recovery  I never mention the specific 12 step programs programs I attend in order to honor this tradition. This way I could advocate for recovery and remain anonymous with specific programs and follow traditions.

I believe the traditions have worked very well for keeping Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous  Cocaine AnonymousChemically Dependent Anonymous, and many others from taking positions on issues--have "spokespeople" that end up drunk and in the media--and have the government or other organizations from telling us how to "help" people in recovery by giving us money. The 12 step programs don't take money form the government or outsiders so we don't take orders from them.

Now it looks like Faces and Voices of Recovery: is going a bit too far in saying that peer support (mainly 12 step groups)--need to become a part of the new health care legislation in order to get funded for helping people get to our groups. Am I reading this wrong? Join Together reports:

Recovery groups should advocate for inclusion of peer recovery support services as part of essential health benefits that will be covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to Faces & Voices of Recovery. Peer recovery support services are delivered by individuals who have “lived experience” with addiction and recovery.
Faces & Voices of Recovery, an advocacy group, has produced an issue brief that explains how recovery advocates can support inclusion of these non-clinical services that help people achieve long-term recovery from addiction.
I download the brief from Faces & Voices--and it seems that is what they are saying:

As states are deciding what their EHB will look like, they will be looking at a range of services, including peer recovery support services. If they are included in the EHB, people will have access to these critical services and they will be covered by insurance or Medicaid. Also, organizations that provide PRSS will be reimbursed for providing those services.

What is going on here???? Is Faces and Voices of Recovery advocating for a government takeover of 12 step programs? That's what I read here. Please someone, prove me wrong. If the providers (ie 12 step groups) should take money for services--we would put our very success in at risk. Or worse--are they saying we should start "fake" anonymous peer groups that take money from government running of the success of the real groups--siphoning prospective members from government health care--members who would normally find the real groups?

It's not clear and I'm not happy about bureaucratizing the 12 step programs in any way. Can someone help me here?
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Commentary: Why the Term “Enabling” Does More Harm Than Good

Finally!!!!! Some on in the government is beginning to see the light. According to Kimberly Kirby, PhD
Director of the Parent’s Translational Research Center; Senior Scientist, enabling and using the term may do more harm than good. Well, yes, we at Sober coaching have been saying that for a long time. You do not want to make it easier for your kid to use, but you don't want to abandon them either. So where do you turn? To "experts" who tell you how sick you are?

Hardly. Let's get constructive and become our child's sober coach. There are many ways you can help, in fact ways probably only you, the parent, can...so nose around the sober coaching site for more information. Remember, FREE downloads and a peek at the workbook are available. 

Here is an excerpt of what Dr. Kirby had to say:

Commentary: Why the Term “Enabling” Does More Harm Than Good | The Partnership at Drugfree.org: "The term “enabling” is commonplace in the field of addiction. It is used within support group settings, in treatment programs and throughout the professional literature about addiction and the family. I consider it one of the most frequently misunderstood terms in our field. In fact, as my research about family caregivers of people with substance use disorders has evolved, I have come to loathe the term “enabling.” Here is why"

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Texas Tech University-Collegiate Recovery Conference

Texas Tech University :: College of Human Sciences :: CSAR :: Collegiate Recovery Conference: "April 3-5, 2013

This is a great conference--I was Keynote speaker at one of the Texas Tech addiction conferences years ago and I love these people.

We are excited to announce our 4th National  Collegiate Recovery Conference at Texas Tech University.  Mark your calendars for April 3-5 for three days filled with speakers, topics and workshops addressing recovery in higher education.
Registration begins at 1:00 pm on Wednesday April 3rd at the McKenzie Merket Alumni Center on the campus of TTU.  The entirety of the conference this year is at the TTU Alumni Center with of course, our Celebration of Recovery held at the Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery

Registration is now open!

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Pocket Sponsor am on my 5th Pocket Sponsor!

I just wanted to call attention to this--we love it when someone writes in and tell us how the Pocket Sponsor has helped their recovery! thanks, DARA!

Pocket Sponsor: "From wheeling West Virginia,  My name is Dara W. I am from Whg. WV, I met you when I was in my first year of recovery at the Unity Center in Whg. I just celebrated my 7yr anniversary. By the Grace of God & the AA fellowship that I am part of. I wanted to thank you for writing this book & the mini thumbnail book. I am on my 5th one. They wear out easy when you are always opening them. lol, Thank you and God Bless"

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Recovery in Russia

OMG--look what I found when looking for some speakers tapes I've done--an old article I had forgotten about when I used to work in Russia! I had forgotten what a great sense of humor those slovacks have! Below is a favorite memory--the whole article brought back delightful memories--take a look:

Recovery in Russia: "I noticed a mini museum of AA memorabilia from around the country. I saw a bottle from Pskov carved out of wood by sober alkies with the likeness of Christ, a Serenity Prayer candle from Ekaterinburga, a huge medallion carved from wood from Tomsk, and a Camel from Poland. When I asked what the dolls from Chernigov represented that featured a Babushka carrying an old man, Olya quipped, “You don’t recognize co-dependency?”"

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Exercise With a Sober Group Is a Delight - Share Your Story: Using Exercise in Recovery

I never got to exercise with a recovery like the people in the story below--but I know I would have loved it. I used to play racket ball with my brother in recovery, does that count? when I quite smoking I joined a health club and worked out and stat in the hot tub. Well, I mostly sat in the hot tub! The article below gives some great tips for recovery exercise--check it out.

Exercise With a Sober Group Is a Delight - Share Your Story: Using Exercise in Recovery: "How Do You Exercise to Help With Your Recovery?
I started exercising with a group of sober friends more than ten years ago after I quit smoking and started to get chubby. We started out with four and now our Saturday morning run/triathlon training group is regularly more than twelve. "

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I always feel so bad for these actors and actresses who just can't get it together. I've worked for a lot of celebrities and their biggest downfall is that everyone wants to please them, instead of telling them the truth. People are so afraid of saying, "don't pick up stupid!" because they will get fired--yes, drunks and addicts fire the ones who tell them the truth. BUT, you can't work for a dead person--and using leads to death, institutions or jail....

Parents often have the same trouble--they are afraid that if they tell their kids the truth, their kids will "fire" them--It's rough parenting an addict...but remember, you did not cause this, you can not "save" them--you can tell them the truth and eventually they will hear you.

Lindsay Lohan keeps begging for more work … but then when she gets it, she doesn’t take it seriously.
For her latest movie, the $250,000 budget “The Canyons” co-starring porn star James Deen, the actress was a veritable drunken mess, according to New York Times’ reporter Stephen Rodrick, who was embedded with the cast and crew during production.
About.com: http://omg.yahoo.com/blogs/celeb-news/lindsay-lohan-drunk-canyons-set-then-drove-home-224308814.html:

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