Saturday, May 18, 2013

Comic books and staying off Drugs

I am not a big proponent about giving teenagers comic books to help them "understand" different topics. When AA came out with a comic book for the young people getting sober, we used to laugh and say the pages were good to roll a joint in! Typically, teens will laugh out loud when you try to give them a comic book regarding lessons they need to learn. No, the do not take it seriously. You reach teens in other ways.

That being said, comic books do work great for others, namely Preteens! Yes, the material you wanted to reach the teen with  probably won't work for them but it will work for their younger brother or sister. Kids respond and emulate kids just a bit older than them. So if you want to help your adolescent with a comic book. DON'T. But use that to help the younger sibling. Here's a good place to start:

comic-choosing-rolemodels | Drug Facts 4 Young People:

here's teh app for this:

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