Saturday, May 11, 2013

Recovery Radio Show: What is rational Recovery?

I am a firm supporter of the recovery radio stations and I encourage any new members or treatment centers to make Saturday nite an infotainment night by popping the corn and listening to :Been there Done Tat" Radio Show. This weeks show is about rational Recovery--a hot topic among 12 steppers...take a peek:

Been There Done That Talk Recovery Radio Show: "Exploring the Diversity of 12 step programs and Rational Recovery you do not want to miss this enlightening show that will explore two very different paths to recovery this topic is one to clearly stir the pot on tonight’s show. People are very territorial when it comes to how they got sober, or what kind of support they received and from where they got that support. This territorialism goes right down to the treatment center they attended or therapist that worked with them or we become best of friends with those we have recovered with. A very strong sense of community develops. This is a controversial topic. The 12 step program believes that addiction/alcoholism is a disease and Rational Recovery believes that it is not."

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