Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Test Welfare Applicants for Drugs Advance

I believe that when your reward behavior, you get more of it. This is nothing new--studys show this to be true from the time of Pavlov's dogs. My brother once asked me what we could possibly do to control the illegals coming into this country. I said, simple--stop rewarding them. You don't need to pass more boarder laws or go after people or get mean, you simply have to stop all their services and things would look a whole lot different. It's like parents who continue to "fix" everything their child messes up--they take away all consequences for their bad behavior and kids have no incentive to stop their bad behavior.

Same with druggies on welfare--if you take care of them and feed them and give them medical attention, they have no reason to stop taking drugs. It's such a simple concept. In any case, Texas is addressing this issue--tehy are looking at all sides and hopefully they will come up with a compromise law that stops rewarding the druggie parents but still takes care of the children dependent on them....

Measures to Test Welfare Applicants for Drugs Advance in Texas, Kansas | The Partnership at "Bills that would require drug testing for welfare applicants advanced in Texas and Kansas this week.
In Texas a bill that would have resulted in children permanently losing benefits based on a third failed drug test by a parent was amended. The bill’s author accepted changes to ensure children would continue to receive benefits while their parents are in rehabilitation programs, the Austin American-Statesman reports."

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