Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Faces of drug abuse: » Parents reach out

I hate when I hear of parents who lose their kids to prescription drugs--well, we all hate it, I'm sure. But Prescription drugs is the single greatest way kids abuse drugs--they steal them from your medicine cabinet--just like I used to. It's so frickin easy--and we parents just don't monitor like we should--we don't want to believe our kids would rip us off--but they do. read this story below about a two parents who lost their kids--and what they are doing about it. Share on facebook please.
Faces of drug abuse: » Local News » The Morehead News: "To most, Michael Donta and Sarah Shay are statistics, two among thousands who die from prescription drug overdoses each year.
To their parents, they were life, their dreams and the future and their absence leaves holes in their hearts that won’t be healed short of their own deaths."

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