Sunday, April 7, 2013

Teen Addicts | INTERVENE: A Community for Parents

Although I support a well run boot camp for kids, some think they are too strict--even abusive. It's always best to read about both sides--this is the other side and they make some good points. I still would consider it because many times kids need a firm hand and clear guidance and not coddling.
Teen Addicts | INTERVENE: A Community for Parents: "We suggest that if you are seriously considering a boot camp or wilderness program, you check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against the program. You should also call the program and ask a lot of questions, including:
1) What specific substance abuse and mental health licensing and accreditation does the program have? (If the providers are not licensed, do NOT send your child to the program.)
2) Has a child in the care of the program ever died, and if so, why?
3) What specific training (particularly survival skills training for outdoor programs) do the counselors have?
4) Have there have been any complaints of abuse or neglect at the camp?
5) Can you put me in touch with a few families that have a child who have completed the program so that I can hear about their experience?"

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