Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Daughter's Heroin Habit Moves Lawmaker To Sponsor Good Samaritan Law

I love good Samaritan laws--I first learned of them when I went to get my CPR--that you could not be sued if you tried to help and the person died. Actually many people were sued for someone ding when they tried to help until the Good Samaritan laws made it into the law books.

Now a lawmaker in Wisconsin is trying to get these laws for drug addicts--or just those who overdose--can you imagine being at a party, one that is hosting illegal substances? Maybe you aren't even using them, but you know others are. You find a person who is obviously overdosed, you want to help, but coffee and a cold shower are not going to save this person. If you call an ambulance, the police come and you may be charged along with the rest of the guests. If you put them in your car and speed to the hospital, maybe they die in your car and you will go to jail.

What do you do? It's a valid question and one your kids might face more often than you know.

We need to support Good Samaritan Laws where and when we can. Read about this one here:
Daughter's Heroin Habit Moves Wisconsin Lawmaker To Sponsor Good Samaritan Law: "Two of the policies he's pushing are somewhat controversial. The first would offer limited immunity for people who call 911 or bring overdose patients to an emergency room. The sensible theory behind the policy is that people are reluctant to report overdoses if doing so could subject them to criminal charges. The other would expand those with access to Narcan, a medication that reverses the effects of an overdose."

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  1. I know of lots of kids who do this--walk over their friends because they are afraid to help. Or dump them off at their parents front year and speed away. It's not just with drugs but alcohol too. what about that 16 year old who od'ed on water at her 16th birthday when taking a the party drug that makes you so thirsty? the girl was dying in her mom's basement and the other kids were afraid to go get the Mom for help. It's sad. Kids will help each other if they can, and we need to teach them it is OK to get help--in fact imperative.


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