Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shelly is a guest tonight on "Been there done that" Radio Show
Published Author and speaker, Shelly Marshall will be our guest on Saturday night, May 4th to discuss her topic of K.I.S.S. (Keeping It Simple Sober)

Shelly Marshall has dedicated her life to working with young addicts and their families in recovery. As a Hazelden author, her books Day by Day, and Young, Sober, & Free are recovery classics. Her subsequent works like the Pocket Sponsor (the only 24/7 recovery support book) and Sitting in Pictures, (vision meditations for recovery) are classic recovery at its best. Sober Coaching your Toxic Teen, is a workbook teaching parents how to stop enabling and give real support to their teen in recovery. Marshall’s research has been published in five peer-reviewed, refereed professional/scholarly journals, making her world-recognized as an advocate and activist for clean and sober young people. Her contributions have been, and continue to be, significant as a Hazelden author, as an international trainer and keynote speaker, a published researcher, and even as a small successful publisher.

Join us on at the Been There Done That Show on Saturday 5-4-13 at our website below click on the listen now button and join our show online Our Guest host is Shelly Marshall publish author of the Day by Day meditation book, and the Pocket Sponsor. Our Show topic KISS Keeping it Simple in the first 30 days a very important show talking to the issues of sponsorship and the newcomer you do not want to miss this show call in at (646) 200-0112 or 435-673-5890 with questions or comments for our host.

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