Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Recovery in Russia

OMG--look what I found when looking for some speakers tapes I've done--an old article I had forgotten about when I used to work in Russia! I had forgotten what a great sense of humor those slovacks have! Below is a favorite memory--the whole article brought back delightful memories--take a look:

Recovery in Russia: "I noticed a mini museum of AA memorabilia from around the country. I saw a bottle from Pskov carved out of wood by sober alkies with the likeness of Christ, a Serenity Prayer candle from Ekaterinburga, a huge medallion carved from wood from Tomsk, and a Camel from Poland. When I asked what the dolls from Chernigov represented that featured a Babushka carrying an old man, Olya quipped, “You don’t recognize co-dependency?”"

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