Friday, June 14, 2013

Protecting local kids from their parents’ pills

I almost had to laugh when I read the headline for this article "Advocacy group, Shoppers Drug Mart battle a growing problem" as if--come on, this is new growing problem! I remember in high school (the 60's) how we used to go through our friends parents bathroom cabinets for diet pills. The parents seldom caught on. OK, we should think about this the same way we think of our booze, but its not new. If kids really really want to drink and do drugs, they will hang out with kids that drink and do drugs and they will find a way. 

Its like they say about thieves--locks on doors keeps the honest people out, not the thieves. Its a good idea to "hide" the pills to stop the experimenter -but that hardly will stop the determined kid and it definitely will not stop the addicted kid!

Protecting local kids from their parents’ pills: "While drugs and alcohol use among teenagers has always been a concern, the fastest growing trend is the abuse of prescription drugs, explained Marc Paris, executive director of Partnership for a Drug Free Canada.
One in five teenagers has used prescription drugs for recreational use, said Paris, often during what he described as “pill parties”. "
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