Monday, December 9, 2013

How to Become an Oldtimer: Don't Drink and Don't Die-Kindle Store

Day By Day's Latest book is out on Kindle.Written by an old-timer in sobriety--it is a look at the basic wisdom in recovery. Think about getting it for your "babies" or for your sponsor. They don't have a Kindle? No problem, download them a free reader from Amazon for their computer.

How to become an Old-Timer; Don't Drink and Don't Die!

: "A Politically incorrect look at recovery from an old hippie turned Old-timer

In the 12 Step programs we need newcomers to tell us where we came from and Old-timers to remind us of how it works as we trudge that road of happy destiny. It's called "carrying the message." If you've been around the program for even a few months you will already have been told many myths about meetings, sponsors, the opposite sex and our sole purpose. You have questions? This Old-timer has some answers. "

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