Monday, January 14, 2013


I always feel so bad for these actors and actresses who just can't get it together. I've worked for a lot of celebrities and their biggest downfall is that everyone wants to please them, instead of telling them the truth. People are so afraid of saying, "don't pick up stupid!" because they will get fired--yes, drunks and addicts fire the ones who tell them the truth. BUT, you can't work for a dead person--and using leads to death, institutions or jail....

Parents often have the same trouble--they are afraid that if they tell their kids the truth, their kids will "fire" them--It's rough parenting an addict...but remember, you did not cause this, you can not "save" them--you can tell them the truth and eventually they will hear you.

Lindsay Lohan keeps begging for more work … but then when she gets it, she doesn’t take it seriously.
For her latest movie, the $250,000 budget “The Canyons” co-starring porn star James Deen, the actress was a veritable drunken mess, according to New York Times’ reporter Stephen Rodrick, who was embedded with the cast and crew during production.

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