Friday, February 15, 2013

Commentary: Why the Term “Enabling” Does More Harm Than Good

Finally!!!!! Some on in the government is beginning to see the light. According to Kimberly Kirby, PhD
Director of the Parent’s Translational Research Center; Senior Scientist, enabling and using the term may do more harm than good. Well, yes, we at Sober coaching have been saying that for a long time. You do not want to make it easier for your kid to use, but you don't want to abandon them either. So where do you turn? To "experts" who tell you how sick you are?

Hardly. Let's get constructive and become our child's sober coach. There are many ways you can help, in fact ways probably only you, the parent, nose around the sober coaching site for more information. Remember, FREE downloads and a peek at the workbook are available. 

Here is an excerpt of what Dr. Kirby had to say:

Commentary: Why the Term “Enabling” Does More Harm Than Good | The Partnership at "The term “enabling” is commonplace in the field of addiction. It is used within support group settings, in treatment programs and throughout the professional literature about addiction and the family. I consider it one of the most frequently misunderstood terms in our field. In fact, as my research about family caregivers of people with substance use disorders has evolved, I have come to loathe the term “enabling.” Here is why"

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  1. I put my daughter in treatment when she was 17. I didn't wnat her throwing her life away. I wanted to participate and help and they put me in a group of parents..few who understood recovery. They told us we raised our kids wrong and insinuated we caused the addition because we were not good parents. the treatment did not help my daughter one tiny bit, or me either for that matter--i wished I knew aobut sober coaching then.

  2. I put mine in treatment around the same age. NOT ONE SINGLE CHILD REMAINED SOBER after going through the program. Not one. and they told us the same thing. I wished I had understood then what I do now--but that is what gave birth to sober coaching your kids in the first place--centers like the one you used and me too. Thanks for sharing your story with us.


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