Sunday, February 5, 2017

Montana favors parents’ rights over kids’ safety, advocates charge

This is a really tough one--sometimes states act more for the rights of parents and often states do the opposite "protecting" the child so much that they actually hurt them. Here these 2 women claim that Montana protects the rights of parents over the child. In Idaho, right beside Montana--I saw the oppositive experience where my friend's daughter lost her innocence because of social services.

Angry at her mother, the girl told social services that her stepdad had abused her. Mom didn't believe it. But social services took custody and placed her in foster care. They took my friend's daughter to a doctor for testing and low and behold, the girl was a virgin. Social services still did not believe Mom so kept the girl for over 6 months. When she was finally returned to the family, she came back no longer a virgin. So how well was this girl protected? She was 13 or 14 at the time.

My friend was furious but there was really nothing she could do. Its a fine line they walk in social services and I just wish they could use common sense! In unsure cases, I support the parents.

Here's the Montana story:
Montana favors parents’ rights over kids’ safety, advocates charge | News | "“Overall, the child abuse and neglect system is failing kids miserably,” said Nancy Mitchell, 76. “There needs to be some major changes to protect kids, and they are not being protected right now.”"

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