Monday, February 27, 2017

Lost my step-nephew to drug addiction--

He was only 21. I wasn't close to him. Wasn't even close enough to know he was into meth. Yet I feel a connection. And I am so sad about yet another loss to our family.

This young man is not the first one to be lost in our family to this disease of addiction. I had two step brothers lost to heroin. I had a cousin (who I was close to) fall off a porch drunk and lose her life. I've had numerous friends and an ex husband die from addiction. Alcoholism and addiction is aggressive. It doesn't let go easily.

For all of you who have lost loved ones to this disease, know you are in my heart, just as my young step nephew is. Sometimes I hate this disease--but have to remember that there is another choice. Please support recovery in any manner you can.

This is one of mine

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  1. This story made me stop and make a list of the loved ones that I have lost to addiction and addiction complications. Thank you so much for reminding me that the memory lingers long after the souls of the lost ones depart.

    With that said, helping others to find the path to different choice is what I can do to honor the memory of those that did not choose sobriety. Thanks again for the reminder.


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